red flapper by mike mills

I was first introduced to Mike Mills’ artwork on the cover of Wild Flag’s debut album. To me, it was an unexpected choice for a cover, and I kept looking into it to figure out what the connection was and who created the piece. I was surprised to find out that it was filmmaker (and Miranda July’s husband) Mike Mills. I’m a fan of Mills’ movies but had never seen his artwork. I love the way he uses bright colors, and this poster, part of a new series Mills did with LA’s epically amazing Commune design studio, is a great example. This piece, titled Red Flapper, would be gorgeous against a neutral wall. I love putting bright colors like this against gray whenever possible — a warm pale gray really lets saturated pinks and reds shine. Click here to read more about the series and here to purchase the prints. xo, grace

Barbra Ignatiev

Wow, that burns out my cornea a bit. I can’t stop seeing a monkey head. I like the description on Commune site “…They were made for the women who drank, smoked and lost their way with a self-conscious fervor that we are still exploring/suffering from today.”

Sounds like me :) except for the smoking part. Thanks for the share.


A recommendable documentary with Mills included among other artists of his genre and generation is “Beautiful Losers.”
As I clicked on links and scrolled through this post, the image of the art became inadvertently “selected” which changed it from fuchsia and grey to peach and green. I did a double take, thinking the image was changing on its own, but then realized what was going on and “huh, cool.”