paper neighborhood

by Grace Bonney

I grew up with a dad who was always doodling architectural structures on napkins and the sides of notepads. So whenever I see tiny buildings on paper, my heart fills with happiness. This clever little stamp set is the newest venture from The Steam Whistle Press in Cincinnati. “Paper Neighborhood” is a set of 21 rubber stamps, each depicting a different element of Italianate architecture. Using the basic elements, you can recreate your favorite buildings using just the stamps and ink. Each kit comes with stamps, a stamp pad and a tip sheet packaged in a 1 qt. paint can with a letterpressed label. I think the concept is adorable and would be so fun for anyone who likes to daydream about being an architect or just wants to play around with reproducing local architecture. Steam Whistle Press just put the series into production, so if you’d like to pick up a set when they’re ready, just click here to contact the team and get more info. Thanks, Brian (aka the Chair of the Cincinnati Society of Rubber Architects). xo, grace

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