Painter’s Tape DIY Contest: Winners Announced!

by Kate Pruitt

We’re busy soaking up the last days of summer, but we wanted to take a small break from our summer break to announce the winners of the Painter’s Tape DIY Contest! It was an awesome competition, and we were so impressed with the level of creativity and inventiveness that people used to transform this simple material. We’re excited to share full tutorials for a few of the projects in upcoming weeks, but for now, let’s celebrate the winners!

3rd Place ($250): Typographic Idea Wall by Erin Scott

2nd Place ($250): Sponge Sticky Lamp by Giselle Baron

1st Place ($500): 3D Cube Painted Wall by Donna Yu

Congrats to our winners, and thank you again to all of you who submitted projects and who took time to cast your votes. Lastly, a huge thanks to Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape for sponsoring the contest. Stay tuned for the how-to’s for some of the contest projects in September!

3rd Place: Typographic Idea Wall by Erin Scott

2nd Place: Sponge Sticky Lamp by Giselle Baron

1st Place: 3D Cube Painted Wall by Donna Yu

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  • So there were only 3 entries, and a picture of a sponge in front of an unpainted wall and unshaded lamp beat one of them?? Yikes.

    • TinyHands.

      Sorry, but you are mistaken on several fronts. There were over 140 entries, and we narrowed it down to the top 20, then the top 6, then the top 3. The “sponge” is actually a lamp made entirely of tape. These projects were the reader favorites, as they received the top number of votes in the final poll. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I hope this clarifies a few things for you!

  • Tiny hands, tiny brain….
    Oops that was mean!!
    I am thrilled that Donna Yu won. All the entries were wonderful but in my book her creativity and execution were just superb! I am sure she will put her winnings to good use.

  • I can see why tinyhands is confused, the picture of sponge sticky lamp isn’t clear in this regard. Where did tape go? I went back and read about it. So it’s not a frame made of tape and being sticky – it’s a ‘sponge’ itself. Clever!

  • I’m glad y’all couldn’t wait till after the holiday weekend to announce the winners. Congrats to the top three (my favorite is among them) and to everyone who made it in to the voting rounds! It was wonderful seeing so many inspiring ideas come out of this contest.

    Thanks again for hosting this, D*S!

  • this was such a great contest! extremely inspiring. one of my favorites? the said “sponge”! simple and genius. and absolutely beautiful.

  • Yes! I’m happy the 3-D cube wall was chosen, I bet it looks even more amazing in person. Nice job Donna!

    One thing that really impressed me about all of the entries was the insane amount of tedious detail that went into these projects. I would be interested in hearing the amount of hours that went into executing each project.

  • Congrats to the winners! There were so many amazing projects! I do have a question about the sponge lamp though…I think it was probably answered somewhere, but I missed it. Is it really sticky? I read somewhere “sticky lamp” and thought that would be a dust and dog hair collecting nightmare! Can you help me out here!?! Thanks

  • Thanks and thanks! Can’t wait for the tutorial to go up… there is a lot one can manipulate with colors/edge width/ shadow… would love to see other variations of the 3-d cube pattern.

  • It took me a moment to realize the brilliance of the 2nd place entry. haha.
    But seriously, I’m in awe that these were all done with tape. Some serious skills there. Well deserved winners.

  • Thanks for sharing this contest. My pick didn’t score in the top 3 but I was so in awe of the creativity demonstrated in all the top 20 entries and these 3 are certainly worthy of winning. Congrats to them and to all the other finalists as well.

  • Okay. Long day at the office, because it did take me a second to see what the 2nd place winner’s entry was about. I’m looking forward to how-to’s now. Congrats to the winners, you’ve inspired many.

  • I have been 100% in love with that sponge lamp since the moment I saw it and I’m thrilled to see it take 2nd place! Having spent aeons working with tape myself, I’m in awe of their ability to get the tape to stick to itself and not their hands, the desk, their pets…. Amazing!