Painter’s Tape DIY Contest: Top 20 Finalists – Group 2

by Kate Pruitt

Yesterday we shared the first group of 10 finalists in our Painter’s Tape DIY Contest, and now we have the second and final group of 10 for you to admire. Again, I have to highlight how many amazing and creative submissions we received. It was so hard to narrow it down to 20, and you all have a tough task ahead in choosing the final winners. If you didn’t vote in yesterday’s poll, you can view Group 1 here. You can learn more about these 10 projects after the jump, and once you’ve picked a favorite, please CLICK HERE to cast your vote (the poll will open in a new window/tab). Thank you again to all our finalists and to all who submitted projects. We can’t wait to share the top 6 projects and cast the final votes for the cash-prize winners next week! — Kate

REMEMBER: Voting will end at 7pm EST on Sunday, August 19th. You can vote for one project in today’s group and one project in yesterday’s group. Good luck!

Find out more about each project and cast your vote after the jump . . .

Typographic Idea Wall — Erin Scott

I am a graphic designer who loves to make hand-drawn type and large installations, so I decided to merge the two ideas and redesign an office space with some inspirational hand-drawn type. When I realized submitting something from my apartment wasn’t an option, I approached TOMS (I am interning there this summer) and asked them if I could have a wall in their building. When I explained the contest, they were so excited and did everything they could to help make the concept a reality. Once I had designed this type installation, I assembled a team of about 10 interns to help me execute it in a four-day period. It was crazy, messy, and amazing. — Erin

Picnic Beach Blanket — Chela Edmunds

I’m an Australian textile designer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, working in Manhattan and moonlighting with my surfboard every chance I get in Rockaway! This project really marries my love of textiles, the beach and eating tacos. You can use any old piece of fabric to create this painter’s tape masterpiece and then use it for a beach blanket, tablecloth, sarong, and the list goes on. — Chela

Geometric Painted Wall — Donna Yu

I wanted something vintage-like, and I really liked the idea of having a 3D pattern on my wall. I have a tiny studio apartment, so I guess I wanted to trick myself into having more space! I first started using stencil but soon came to realize I really needed a grid to carry out the pattern properly. Once I made the grid with tape, I figured it was way easier to use tape for the whole project, as I could paint the whole thing at once (that is, if you want the whole pattern to be one color). But you can use different colors for the different sides of the cubes and whatnot if you wish. — Donna

Painted Ceramic Pot — Evita Smith

We recently acquired a Solanum pyracanthum, a wickedly beautiful evergreen shrub that is native to Madagascar. While it is small now, we’re looking forward to the day it is large and bushy. We found a lovely, small blue glazed ceramic pot for its current home. I wanted the permanent pot to be equally unique, and when this project was announced, I decided to strike while [the iron] was hot! Keeping with a complementary blue palette, I picked three shades of blue and blue/green for the chevron pattern. I also wanted to simulate the beautiful orange spikes in an abstract manner, and I choose mint green and orange for those. We found a Madagascar palm on sale recently, and it’s the perfect plant to live in the pot while the S. pyracanthum continues to grow. — Evita

Barn Hex Sign — Ashley Weeks Cart

We purchased the property (our first home purchase, yay!) back in April, and in the back of my mind I had aspirations of accenting the barn with a hex sign that would bring a pop of color, an interesting design element, and some luck to life at Cartwheel Farm. My husband, James, and I crafted the design together, pulling in elements of a star (the symbol of good luck on New England barns), a sun or sunflower (a nod to our three-year-old daughter, who we call Sunny), and a wheel (a nod to the farm, which we’ve named Cartwheel Farm — our last name is Cart), all created using four axes to symbolize the four of us in the family (me and James, Addison and Courtland).

We decided to keep the color palette simple with deep sunflower yellow as the pop of color and two tones of gray. We have aspirations of repainting the house (which is currently green) in these three colors, so this was a step in that direction! We purchased a 4′ x 4′ piece of plywood and sketched the design out on the wood in pencil. James then cut the square down into a perfect 4′ circle using a jig saw. We used the Scotch blue painter’s tape to tape off the design and paint each element of the star in the colors we’d planned. I labeled each piece of the design before painting so that I’d know where to paint yellow, dark gray or light gray without having to think twice. — Ashley

Zigzag Wall — Jessie Pickren

I am the brand director for Mr. Boddington’s Studio. We moved into a new space last summer and completely gutted the place! We love having our private clients come into the studio to talk to us about their wedding invitation needs and wanted to create a warm and fun environment for them to visit. When brainstorming what to do, Mr. Boddington just couldn’t get blues out of his brain . . . so we went with it!

I am constantly designing patterns over here for envelope liners or new product projects, so bold patterns and fabrics are always my muse. This project was super time consuming but fairly simple. I measured, drew, and traced the templates out of leftover/recycled paper from old printing jobs, taped them up for strength, and then taped them to the walls, positioning them exactly where I needed them. Then I spent hours and hours painting away! The last step is simply peeling back the painter’s tape to remove the templates and unveil the new wall! It was well worth it, as it has really made for a fun little home here. — Jessie

Tape Design Poster — James Edmondson, Micah Rivera, Jane Sherman, Greg Bjork

The Lettering Club at California College of the Arts took on a poster project to announce Dutch Design Week at CCA. Painter’s tape was chosen as a metaphorical temporary bind between two cultures, and also because we could do a huge installation on a budget. Also, it could be removed once we were done. We chose orange to reinforce the Dutch theme. We drew the lettering, projected it on a wall, spent a few hours taping, and photographed the results. The back of the poster shows us at work. — James

Papier-Mâché Hanging Planter — Leslie Blevins

Living in a small apartment in Brooklyn, I’d like to have more plants but don’t want to use up valuable floor space, so I love the idea of hanging planters. The pretty ones can be a little pricey, though, so I created this easy DIY papier-mâché hanging planter for relatively no money — the biggest cost being the plant you put inside. The best part is that you can decorate it with any color scheme and pattern you like. — Leslie

Blue Ribbon Chandelier — Jordan Yankovich

I started my sketches imagining a chaotic wreath of tape strips. Eventually this evolved into a three-tier chandelier that incorporated the chaotic tape strips but balanced them with rhythmic vertical pieces. It’s made entirely from painter’s tape, wire, and just a little bit of glue. — Jordan

Ombré Stripe Cornhole Boards — Kristi Jilson

These cornhole boards were constructed by my father as a birthday gift in April 2010. Knowing that I am creative, he left them white and gave me the assignment to paint them. What he forgot was that I am a pro at crastinating — it took me more than a year to finally address the smooth white surface of the game boards. When I got started, I knew exactly what I would do with them — after all, I had given myself a year to brainstorm. I knew I would use stripes and an ombré technique. I became a little nerdy about these boards. I lived and breathed this project until it was complete. I carefully mixed the tints and meticulously planned the color transitions (thanks to painter’s tape!). The pattern gives the game a stylish and unexpected twist. Now I’ve added my flare to a game that has become a fast family favorite. — Kristi

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