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Remember the animals I mentioned in the last post? They get me every time. This sweet new range of kitchenware is from the team at Our WorkShop. “Bliss in the Woods”¬†includes a tray, teapot, jugs, mugs, storage containers, measuring spoons, salt & pepper shakers, bowls and cutting boards. The owl spaghetti container and bluebell tray are my favorites, but you can check out the full range (and shop online) right here. Here’s to summer cooking . . . xo, grace


I am always interested in seeing peoples books. They say so much about a person. The lily of the valley tray is so sweet….all of the items are adorable.


How odd. I have all four of those cookbooks displayed in the same order right in front of me!

Gina, Oklahoma City Remodeling

I love those little touches that each home owner uses to make her own. It’s what makes being at home feel like home. It’s a personal touch that makes life that much more enjoyable.


I really want that spaghetti container! I have an ancient tupperware one from the 80’s that has certainly seen better days and isn’t nearly as attractive. But I’m not really keen on ordering from Europe! That’s so sad.


It’s called Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros (The same author as Apples for Jam, next to it)


Grace … I am looking for thin black frames just like the one in your picture. Could you tell me a little more about yours?? Any suggestions for where to find something similar?

Grace Bonney

hi erin

these aren’t actually mine- they’re from the our workshop page ;)

i love ikea’s frames- ive spray painted them every color under the sun. can you do that?


Juliette Gold

The measurement spoons are very creative! Though I have to admit, my opinion is slightly biased, since I’m a helpless lover of birds! [:


Hi Erin,
the black frame in the picture above is from Habitat in London. They sell a great range of frames there. Hope that helps :)
Pui from Our Workshop