obsessions: erin considine

by Amy Azzarito

On Of a Kind, the website that my pal (and biz partner) Claire and I launched a year and a half ago, we unearth amazing, under-the-radar fashion designers you need to know about. We commission them to create limited-edition pieces, and we tell their stories. But we’re always looking to dive deeper into the things that are making them tick right this minute, so we called on the Brooklyn-based jewelry phenom Erin Considine to share her hit list. I’m willing to wager that the designer (who made this necklace just for us!) is one of the most hands-on jewelry designers ever — not only does she prototype the metalwork components of her pieces and do the attention-grabbing weaving, but she also dyes the yarn and even grows much of the produce required to achieve those rich, from-the-earth hues (see below). Clearly, she’s hardcore about the details, and these are the ones that are currently catching her (well-trained) eye. — Erica

Image above, clockwise from top left:

Acne Mallory Dress, $500
“I love the two tones and the tuck at the hip.”

Doug Johnston 100.1 Basket, $79
“Coiling is a technique that I really like — and that I’ve explored myself — and it takes a lot of patience. I like that he’s taking this ancient technique and applying it to a modern aesthetic. And he’s also using industrial sewing machines, which makes the process a lot faster.”

Grain Bound Hand V1 Mirror, $395
“This mirror from Grain is in the same vein, in terms of the wrapping and coiling. Grain’s production techniques are so interesting, and everything is made in Washington State. Their glass is cut from salvaged mirror, and the handles are wrapped with hemp twine.”

Juniper Ridge Incense, $12
“Takes me right back to camping in the Southwest.”

Black + Blum Eau Good Water Bottle, $20
“It’s great for traveling. Plus, the charcoal is 100% biodegradable once it’s expired, and it’s great for your plants.”

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Image above: Erin’s hard-meets-soft necklace at Of a Kind

Image above, clockwise from top left:

Totokaelo Wenger Chair, $4,234
“This is from Totokaelo’s in-house furniture line — they’re killing it. Every detail is considered: the copper strip inlaid along the spine of the chair, the lacing, the leather rolling over the top. It’s just going to get better with age, too. I can’t wait to visit Totokaelo’s store to see it in person.”

Sculpture by Eva Hesse
“I think I was 20 when I discovered Eva Hesse. I was in college, and I read a biography on her. I was totally blown away by her courage. This piece is kind of unusual for her. She didn’t use a lot of colors. It was an inspiration image for my spring collection.”

Tea Eggs
“I discovered them via Bellocq. I frequent their tea shop near my place in Greenpoint and love their Instagram feed. They posted a photo of the eggs from the Hungry Ghost blog, and I was totally intrigued. They’re beautiful. In the summer, we get a CSA share with more eggs than we can possibly use in a week, so this recipe is great for using up extras. They’re infused with just the right amount of salt from the soy and have a savory sweetness from the star anise, black pepper, and cinnamon — along with the smokiness from the tea.”

Peter Collingwood’s Weaving, books from $47
“I think I found his work initially though the Phillips de Pury catalog — through his ceramics — and then I fell through the rabbit hole of the internet, came across his weaving, and was just totally blown away. He’s written a lot of weaving books, too.”

Navajo Weaving Forks, $12
“Three of my friends and I went out to the Southwest this past June. We camped and took this natural dyeing class that was part of Sheep Is Life, a Navajo handicraft celebration. These tools are handmade by a local guy — you can find these a lot at trading posts around the Southwest. I like the variation of the wood and the sizing.”

Glass-Cube Walls (vintage)
“I always wanted a glass-block wall in the eighties. I think it came from watching too much Miami Vice or something when I was little. I’ve been collecting glass blocks on my travels — I found some at Brimfield, I lugged one back from a trip to the Southwest, and I’ve found some on the street. I really like the different textures and the designs they would make.”

Where I Was From Sapota Scarf, $168
“This hand-woven alpaca scarf from Peru is the perfect weight for cool summer nights — and for the transition into fall.”

Craft Horizons Back Issues from the sixties and seventies
“I’m innately drawn to these. They were always lying around my college as I was exploring making things, so they influenced me a lot. I like all of the photography. I guess it would be considered bad photography now, but I’m really drawn to it.”

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