New Yorker for A Day

As you might expect, freelance travel photojournalist Sivan Askayo spends a lot of time traveling. As a solo traveler, she was frustrated that it was nearly impossible to get a photograph of herself on her trips — she either had to do the one-arm photo stretch or look for a trustworthy stranger to whom she could hand over her expensive camera. And while she has yet to solve this problem for herself, she decided to solve it for travelers to her hometown of New York City. As part of Sivan’s New Yorker for a Day service, she photographs travelers on their trips to New York. The girls above are all from France. They paid a birthday visit to one of the bunch who recently moved to New York and did the shoot as a gift for the birthday girl as a way to remember their ladies’ weekend in NYC. I seriously love this idea. I only wish it existed for other cities! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Tourists from Israel. The husband surprised his wife with a photoshoot so the two could document their romantic trip to New York.

Image above: An artist and blogger from Amsterdam who wanted some fun, stylish images for her website and press releases.

Image above: Bachelorette in the city. This woman is getting married at the end of October. She was visiting a friend in New York who decided to surprise her and get her a photography session. She wore a white dress and veil to practice being a bride.

Image above: This architect from Madrid had his visits to some of New York’s iconic buildings documented. He’s going to use the photos for his firm’s press releases.


I trying to figure out how this is any different from paying a photographer for a photo shoot. The concept is interesting, but I don’t see how this is any different. Could someone explain please?

Amy Azzarito

Hi Nancy – I think it’s difficult for most people to track down a photographer in a strange city. So this is a service that makes it easier on tourists to New York. Also, if you manage to find a photographer in a city, they are quite expensive. The fee for this service is less than the typical NYC photographer’s day rate. -Amy

Merav Sade

wooow- what an idea – i will sure use it next time i am in NY.
Loved the shoots : Reflecting the city atmosphere so well


I do believe you can get something similar in other cities, although not sure if the other offerings are quite the same. There was an article I read a few months ago in the Wall Street Journal about vacation photographers being on the rise…

Tracy A

Love the idea! I always try and offer to take photos for obvious travelers, but the quality of these is far superior!!

Breanne @ Porter Design Company

This is a fabulous idea! Surprising a loved one by capturing moments of a special occasion is the perfect gift. And these photos are all so great, definitely frame worthy! :) Thanks for sharing!

Marge Carr

The solution for the solo traveler (or with a group, when you all want to be included in the photo) is to bring a tripod!

Amy Azzarito

Thanks for the tip, Diane! Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of these? xo Amy

Amy Azzarito

Bianca – I actually have something similar. I never remember to pack it. -Amy


What a fabulous thing! I have the same problem when I travel…not long enough arms and can’t give my camera to strangers!
Very cool!


Genious! Nothing better than someone who knows the city AND can capture candid moments (posed are ok too, i guess)!


I want to be a freelance travel photojournalist ,it’s my dream.

angela dunkle

This is a great idea. I’d love to see a similar service for moms wanting to see pictures of themselves with their kids.. and themselves. moms seem to always be the ones taking the pictures.. and are rarely in the shots themselves. It would be fun to have something like this done.. with a fresh ,candid, impromptu style.