new from banquet workshop

I’m always excited to see an email from Banquet in my inbox. In addition to being run by two of the coolest girls on the block, Banquet is always coming up with fun prints that feel like the perfect combination of modern and whimsical. For this year’s Gift Fair, Banquet is releasing two cool cactus screen prints: a smaller limited edition¬†paddle cactus (my fave) and a mixed cactus landscape that’s around 16 x 20 inches. You can check them out in person at the show or view them in more detail (and order online, $38 and $48 each) right here. xo, grace

Decorator's Notebook

I really like this – just as you say, they’re the perfect blend of graphic and natural. Off to check off the rest of Banquet’s offerings now….

Amanda P

Oh man. I would just move into that first picture… Firesticks succulent in a vintage-looking ceramic planter, cool print, embroidered something used as a tablecloth… I’m good.


I really enjoy the prints. They were also really smart with the styling. That colorful table cloth is fabulous and does well to compliment the black and white graphic of the print. It evokes a sense of desert climate and culture. Thanks for sharing!


I love all sorts of cacti and succulents! Make sure if you find a cacti that looks like the one in the first photograph to be VERY careful! These are called Firestick plants and we have one on our patio. These plants emit a acidic sap that can cause serious burns and even blindness! Crazy! Use gloves when potting and don’t allow sap to come in contact with your skin.