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Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing hooky and spending some time at the beach in Queens. Beach time always rejuvenates me because every aspect of it reminds me of my hometown of Virginia Beach. And once my head gets in that sunny, beachy mood, it’s hard to get me out of it. So this morning I’m loving these new pieces from Made Goods because each feels like it would be right at home at a summer house. The rope detailing, natural materials and weathered wood could feel a little too “beach rental” if combined all in one room, but I think a few of these spread throughout a home would be just the right amount of worn-in beachy-ness. Click here to check out Made Goods’ newest designs online. Here’s to more beach days for all of us . . . xo, grace

More newbies from Made Goods after the jump . . .


Also would be great for a dorm room for all those kids heading back to college in the next two weeks.


How can I purchase the nesting tables? I looked everywhere but could not find a way. Thanks.

Chris DeWitt

Pam, we only work with the trade. Please give us call or email and we will connect you with someone in your area that can order them for you. 626-333-1177

Thanks and thanks so much to Grace for sharing them!

Plein Jane

Thanks to Made Goods for providing contact information. When you fall in love with something, it can be frustrating not to see prices or even a list of stockists.