living in: the talented mr. ripley


That I haven’t done The Talented Mr. Ripley for a Living In yet is shocking. Its breezy, 1950s Americans-in-Europe vibe is all I could ask for and more — so much so that I couldn’t help sneaking a few things that I already own into the post because, well, I’ve been trying to cultivate the lifestyle for a long time. The bikini! The weekender! They’re the pinnacle of my ultimate summer style, and at several points while drafting the post, I Googled “living in Talented Mr. Ripley” because I couldn’t imagine I’d let its praises go unsung in the past three years. That’s right, kittens; we have been together in so much time, and that makes you my longest committed relationship. 145 movies. Happy anniversary, baby. — Amy Merrick

1. Shakuhachi Bustier Bikini, $224; 2. Brass Lantern, $179; 3. Leather Passport Cover, $19; 4. Black Anchor, $8; 5. Men’s Air-King Rolex, $2750; 6. Mulholland Safari Weekender, $895; 7. American Flag Beach Towel, $34/3; 8. Vintage Sailboat Model, $285; 9. Knot Door Stopper, $39; 10. Karen Walker Sunglasses, $220

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Okay, enough gushy talk. Back to how damn attractive the boys in this movie are — I mean how stylish and preppy 1950s San Remo is. Crazy, yes, but also crazy stylish. The combination of the Ivy League and Italian jetset is the definition of chic understatement. Somewhere between I Am Love and Love Story and either way, the love is guaranteed.

1. Caprani Bentwood Lamp; 2. Couto Toothpaste, $7; 3. Ivy League Glasses, $28; 4. Potted Red Geraniums, $69/4; 5. Antique Roman Marble Bust; 6. Antique Bottle, $175; 6. Valobra Facial Soap, $12; 7. Postalco Small Notebook, $12; 8. Mustard Pot, $95; 9. Caran D’Ache Metal Ballpoint Pen, $20; 10. Muehle Shaving Kit, $239

The New Diplomats Wife

I adored this movie…we were recently on a road trip and since my husband is a fan, we stopped in San Remo – where Tom finally does Dickie in after the jazz festival – just because of the movie. And Mr. Ripley references from us are a dime a dozen when we were in venice…


Love this movie, thanks for a post that does its incredible style justice!


I saw Purple Noon a while before The Talented Mr Ripley, its remake, was done. While I like TTMR, I like Purple Noon even more! If you have the chance you should check it out. I’d be curious to know if your Living In pieces would change much between the two!

Mariann W

Oh man, this movie was so horrifying for me but I hear you loud and clear. If I could do so without having the lives of these characters, I would move right in!

Erin :: EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats

ok…you just featured my FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME! One that led me to Ischia (the “Mongibello” in the film) Italy – now, several times a year for my EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats…I even show guests around all the filming sites if they’re interested during our free day in Ischia Porto. *baci*

Rita | Miss Antique

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this movie in years, I’ve loved it when it was released! I love that you included Couto toothpaste, it’s such a classic! It’s an original recipe and I’ve always used since I was a kid, here in Portugal it’s very common to see it and buy it (it’s a portuguese original medicinal recipe). It’s so so fresh and leaves your mouth like no other toothpaste, really! And I love its retro look!

Sara L.

Jude Law at his prettiest, how could you not love this movie? Great Living In!


This movie scared that beejeebers out of me! But, oh how beautiful!


This movie is one of my favorites, Matt Damon did a great job, and Jude Law was amazing, I love this man.


A fabulous home made pizza, red vino from Italy and TMR, Under the Tuscan Moon and of course the best Italian film Cinema Paradiso for the night. A tripple treat!


Yesss! One of my favorite movies ever. Love all that class tension of Ripley trying to emulate Dickey.


Ko-inc-ee-dink… this movie is on FX right now. I’m watching it while working from home. I LOVE this movie.


I always get the best movie recommendations from this series! I have to watch this, Matt and Gwyneth are some of my faves! As always, I adore this series.

mike beard

In the movie about the facade of coolness it’s what’s within that’s just so creepy. And Matt and company are so perfectly empty. The gloss is desirable however, and if I could be that bored and that glamorous with nothing but nothing to do… well that would be a great, lazy way to stretch away a summer. Just watch out for September.

Taylor Norris

I feel for Practical Magic, the way you feel for this film. Excellent post for both, by the way!

Kat from Jersey

Love the style of this movie, and Jude Law and Matt Damon have never looked better. Well, truthfully they’re both still stone cold foxes! Even Gwyneth didn’t bug me in this movie, and that’s kind of saying something.

Please do “That Thing You Do”. You’d totally rock a Living In of that wonderful movie.

Bridget from Refined Vintage

One of my favorite movies! So glad you did this Living In! I especially liked the apartment Matt Damon lives in after he has taken on his new identity. (don’t wan’t to spoil it.) Great physiological thriller with gorgeous sets and scenery, I wish we could go back in time. It would be great to have been there in the 1950’s.


Been wanting to do a post like this for a while. So glad you got there first! Just gorgeous. Thanks