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Grease: We all know it; we all secretly love it. It’s a throwback to middle school slumber parties and high school plays — semi-naughty, semi-tame and 100% hummable whether you can get down with musicals or not. While the plot is a bitter pill for feminists to swallow (If you like a boy, completely alter your personality and style to reflect his, and you’ll have a Spandex-clad happily-ever-after dance!), Grease is meant to be taken lightly. So pop that popcorn, pull out those hair rollers and bebop the night away. — Amy Merrick

1. Vintage Clock, $85; 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Flower Studs, $58; 3. Miso Knit Bomber, $45; 4. Vintage Hair Dryer, $30; 5. Vivienne Westwood Heels, $144; 6. Grant’s Pomade, $22; 7. Old-Fashioned Straw Dispenser, $19; 8. Malt Shop Soda Glass, $4; 9. Joseph Leather Leggings, $1795; 10. Diane Foam Rollers, $2

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Whether you were a greaser, a prep or a dorky wallflower like myself, we’re all long out of high school, so we can reimagine our hallway days with a bit more school spirit. Twirling in a cupcake dress and drinking spiked punch is as good a party as any, and the good-girl-gone-bad thing works remarkably well for even fully grown ladies. Dust off them dancing shoes because summer loving is here to stay.

1. Confetti System Garland, $130; 2. Classic Rose Corsage, $25; 3. Vintage Prom Dress, $144; 4. Varsity Letter; $5; 5. Deborah Lippmann Nail Color, $18; 6. Vintage Wall Clock, $99; 7. Pearl Necklace, $120; 8. Glitter Ballroom Shoe, $45; 9. Punch Bowl Set, $78


Grease is my all time favorite musical! It is always a pleasure to see what type of products you compare with movies :)


Love this! Grease is my all-time favorite movie. But forget Sandy’s dress… I covet the one ChaCha DiGregorio wore to the school dance! And DiDi Cohn’s pink hair, the short-shorts Rizzo wears to the fair, the Pink Ladies jacket… I could live in Grease.

quirky brunette

YAY!!!!! It was always a toss-up between Rizzo and Marty for me as favourite Pink Ladies — Marty’s outfit at the Thunder Road race was very sweet but Rizzo was always a little bit naughty. :) This is my favourite Living In… feature yet!

Thank you!


Grease is SO amazing! I’ve watched the movie about 10 times i guess, i stopped counting, haha!

The pink Jacket (3) is really cute, love it :)


This is so well put together! At first I thought the confetti garland was a string of colorful clothes. :)


Holy moly these just get better and better! I love your choice of movies and things. I’ll be singing Grease songs all night!xx


I love Grease! When i was in the 3rd grade me and my friends made up a dance to “You’re the One That I Want” for the schools talent show. We thought we were hot stuff. Man, Amy, i think i will pop some popcorn and dance/sing the night away watching this classic. Brings back so many memories! Thanks!


Even as a kid, I’ve always preferred to think that Sandy didn’t change herself so much as embrace a previously ignored facet of herself. ;) Wishful thinking?
Great post, as always. (I am in love with those glittery shoes!)

Farmgirl Susan

Oh, how I used to love watching this movie when I was a kid! A few years ago I named one of my ewes Frenchie (it was the ‘F’ name year) and while it just seemed to be the perfect name for her, I always catch myself thinking it would have been even better if she was slightly pink. ;)

I love the Living In column so much, Amy. I can’t believe how many of my favorite movies you’ve chosen over the years – and how many I’d forgotten about! Of course you had me at the very first one – Out of Africa is my all time favorite flick. :)


Brings me back to my childhood! Loved this movie! Marty was my favorite Pink Lady, always loved her style in this film.


An all-time favorite! I’d just like to remind you that at the end, Danny was wearing a letterman sweater instead of his leather jacket even after getting ridiculed by his guys, and he tells them he’s willing to “shape up” for her. And let’s face it, her makeover outfit was way more fun than her usual outfits.


This movie is fun. I have been thinking of watching it lately and now I really won’t be able to rest till I see it again. Next time I have a load of ironing I’ll have to dig it out to pass the time.


You, ma’am! You sure can pick a movie. I hang out for Living In every few weeks, as it gives me a burst of inspiration for movies to add to my re-watch or queued up list… I also have one suggestion for you, in keeping with overwhelmingly beautiful, decadently floral period pieces… A Room With A View, based on E.M. Forster’s novel. Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, and some delightfully dapper gents. There are ferns galore, and also one very cheeky (and hilarious!) nudey scene! Please consider it! xxx

Julia @ The BackLoop

For whom is this a “secret” love? Rude. This is an out loud and up front live for me. When my now husband and I were dating this was one of three movies I ” made” him watch. The other two were The Princess Bride and West Side Story.


Watched this way too many times and still one of my favorites!

Kat from Jersey

I think my daughters and I have this movie memorized! In fact, we’ve seen it so many times, that we now pick one background dancer/person, and follow them throughout the whole movie. Just to change things up a bit! Andy Tennant (who’s now a director) is our favorite guy to watch. Such fun!


Love this…I actually saw this movie 100+ times as a kid. And can you believe the movie theater charged a buck-fifty for a ticket? A “Living in” request: Goodbye Girl.


I would love to see a back to school Living In with “School Ties”


Where has the “Living In” Column gone for a month? I terribly miss it!

Grace Bonney


amy is taking a long break to focus on her floral business, so we’ll welcome her back any time she has spare time. but right now she’s busy with flowers :)

we’re working on something to fill that gap, don’t worry. :)


Jennifer Hassell

Awesome post! Grease is such a vivid memory in my childhood! I was just thinking my daughters are probably old enough to see it, right? They’re in 3rd and 1st grade. I think the sexual allusions went over my head at that age. Just thinking about the message though- as a mom I don’t want Sandy to come out in the black leather outfit and 4 inch heels, you know? I prefer her pruder self! But since I let my kids watch Victorious and listen to Ke$hia this is probably way better.


I have so missed these posts the last month or so! Can’t wait until someone has time to put another one together!


Have you ever thought about doing a post on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? I think it would make a great one!