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I know that summer is basically coming to a close, but I refuse to give up my dream of sunny naps in hanging chairs. We bought a swing for our office and — cue the world’s tiniest violin — sadly discovered that none of the ceiling beams could support the weight. Ever since, I’ve been pining over hanging chairs, benches and stools like a sad puppy. Then I saw this and became downright inconsolable. Ladies & Gentlemen not only came up with a gorgeous hanging chair design, but they also managed to make it modern and feature some of my favorite materials like brass, felt and cotton rope. It’s oh-so chic and would be perfect for those of you with the support system to handle a hanging chair.

Ladies & Gentlemen also produces my favorite tray of the moment, the Perimeter Tray. It’s so clean, simple and perfect. The combination of brass, white oak and marble makes me want to ditch everything in my home and throw a tragically cool and modern cocktail party. I don’t think I’ll ever be hip (or minimal) enough for that, so I’ll just admire this from afar. xo, grace


I’ve seen macrame (and knitted versions) of the hanging chair…and they’re just stunning beyond belief. I think a hanging chair – in all its simplicity – could be the star of the show in even the tiniest of living rooms.


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Grace Bonney


we’ll look into this- i’m using firefox on a mac and it’s fine but we heard from someone yesterday so maybe it’s something to do with the update.



Hi Grace! Thank you for the nice feature! It was totally nice (and totally random!) running into you in Greenpoint!! All the best! Jean