jenny nieh

As soon as I read that artist Jenny Nieh describes her work as “a representation of the endless journey of finding and searching for peacefulness in solitude,” I was hooked. Part of me is constantly searching for the same thing, and her work really feels like a glimpse into a world where beauty and calmness meet. Jenny recently graduated from Pratt and works primarily on paper with watercolor, pen and ink. I really love her “Landscape in Silk” series above and below, but her books are really beautiful, too. Whether you’re a fan of watercolors or just need a little visual inspiration, click here to check out Jenny’s work in more detail. It’s the kind of art that makes you feel instantly relaxed and at peace. xo, grace


The first one takes my breathe away. I just want to fall into it, like the sea.

I’d love to know if/where she sells her work–didn’t see anything on her website.


So so gorgeous, poetic and moving. I have another favorite artist! Thanks for sharing her work with us.