Human/House/Harvey: The Royal Tenenbaums

the royal tennenbaums, houseofharvey.comI’m a HUGE Wes Anderson fan (although I am sure most say the same). I can’t quite pinpoint my favorite Anderson film — Rushmore and The Life Aquatic are right up there, but The Royal Tenenbaums holds a big spot in my heart. Not only does its cast include one of the most adorable Beagles ever (Buckley), but the movie also features one of the only songs known with my name in it (“Stephanie Says” by The Velvet Underground). Needless to say, I love the film, and if I were to match some of my human, home and Harvey products to it, these are the ones I would choose. — Stephanie

HUMAN — Obviously, I would first choose the Birkin bag that Margot so casually totes around throughout the film, but I’m not quite able to afford that kind of swag. So I would opt for this adorable Tenenbaums-themed iPhone case instead — just as stylish.

HOUSE — I can totally see this retro record player sitting in Margot Tenenbaum’s room next to her precious pink rotary dial phone and perched on my living room TV console.

HARVEY — Richie Tenenbaum was a pro tennis player, and my Mr. Harvey is a pro fetch player. Either way, these colorful tennis balls are perfect!

Grace Bonney


harvey is the name of stephanie’s dog- she introduced him and the column concept when we launched this new series :)



Any idea where I can buy that iPhone case? Ive hunted everywhere!!!!