Human/House/Harvey: Rope

human, house, harvey - ropeA rustic rope makes for a great . . . well, anything, really. I truly believe rope is one of the most versatile materials, useful for everything from securing things to a braided accent. I have acquired many rope accessories over the years, and today I’ve rounded up some new trinkets that I would love to add to my growing collection. Enjoy! — Stephanie

HUMAN — This rope bracelet is just enough rustic mixed with elegant. The gem stone adds a delicate, feminine touch that is spot on!

HOUSE — I’m always looking for an attractive basket to display that can hold everyday odds and ends. This striped round rope version would look great atop a kitchen island.

HARVEY — I think this rope leash and collar set is absolutely gorgeous. It’s both rustic and stylish, with the polished brass hardware adding a hint of bling. Check out some more fantastic rope dog collars right here.