great ideas + causes: exposure camp

Last month I started a new series of interviews on my radio show focused on diversity in design. I was honored to speak with Tina Shoulders of Laid Back Home, who has been leading the way with some incredible projects she’s initiated to educate and inspire under-served communities. After our chat on the show, I wanted to follow up and stay involved in Tina’s efforts, and now I’m proud to be one of the sponsors of Exposure Camp, an incredible project Tina started to inspire and educate young people about careers in digital fields. I got so many emails from people after Tina’s episode aired asking how they could get involved or help, so I wanted to share some more information this morning.

Tina’s Exposure Camp has made its mission to inspire, collaborate and create. In addition to imparting her own digital design knowledge to young boys and girls in under-served communities, Tina brings experts to these children so they can be exposed to careers and fields that they may not have known about otherwise. This August she is introducing a weeklong exposure camp covering everything from graphic and textile design to programing, blogging and video creation. Each day will have a different focus and will end with a trip to a creative office to see creatives in action. Tina is currently looking for companies and people to help support the upcoming camp, as well as the weeklong winter camp and workshops. So if you’re looking to help in any way, whether through a donation or just spreading the word, please click here to check out Exposure Camp’s website.

Tina also created a site called Digital Creatives of Color to connect these young people with professionals in the field. Her goal is to have over 500 faces on the page by the start of the program, so if you’re a designer of color and would like to be included, you can submit your photo, link and background here.

I’m so proud of Tina and all the amazing work she is doing. I hope you can join me in supporting her or spreading the word. I’d love to see all young people inspired by and interested in creative fields, and I think this project is doing such great work to help with that goal. Congrats to Tina on a great idea brought to life. xo, grace


Hi Tina, is there an email address where I can contact you? I work for a digital ad agency and we would be interested in hosting some camp time at our offices


This post combines two of my favourite things: design and racial justice. Please feature more! More creatives of color! Please (I will be so happy!)!