glaze drip dish

Someone please alert the “tiny vessels obsession” portion of my brain that it needs to brace for impact. I have a new tiny bowl to lust after, and it has the most beautiful little drops of olive green glaze over a salmon-colored main glaze. This piece at Leif would be great for all sorts of tiny things (earrings, keys, small snacks, etc.), but I’d probably just keep it on a surface somewhere so I could see it all the time. If tiny vessels aren’t your thing (why??), Leif also has some cute new umbrella print tea towels and cushions in the shop. I love the red tea towel in particular. Click here to shop all three pieces online. xo, grace

Robin @ Red Line Vintage

Oh boy, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a vessels fixation. In fact, I just curated an entire collection of vintage vessel-related items on my site. How’s that for obsession?! ;-)