d*s on home by novogratz tomorrow night!

Earlier this spring, I was honored to get a call from designers and parents extraordinaire Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Like most of us in the design community, I’ve always admired their style, DIY sensibility and general likeability. They seemed like such friendly and upbeat people on TV, and after a quick coffee in the city, I was thrilled to discover that they’re exactly the same in person. The Novogratz were kind enough to have me on their HGTV show, Home by Novogratz, where they share their lives, their design practice and the ups and downs of balancing life with seven children. On this season’s show, they’re doing some fantastic home makeovers, and I got to check out one of them in lower Manhattan. Design*Sponge at Home made a little cameo on a color-coded bookshelf they created for this Saturday’s episode. So if you’re home watching TV this Saturday night, I hope you’ll turn to HGTV to watch the episode and see my chat with Cortney and Bob. Their work in the home is fantastic (I really want that deco chandelier in the apartment’s hallway), and it was such a treat to join them on air. Thanks again to the whole Novogratz family for having me. Click here to find out when/where the show plays in your area (the episode I’m in will air on Saturday at 7pm EST).

*I look like a doofus in all these screengrabs. I have no screen-grabbing skills, sorry.


Exciting!! Grace, you’re crazy, you look fantastic! Set my DVR already :)


I enjoy both Design Sponge and the Novogratz’s. You both personify how design can be creative and joyful. How great that you are together. Congratulations!

Susan F.

I really enjoy watching the Novogratz shows. You look great! What a blast!!

Becca Blue

Congratulations! And whatever! You look totally cute. (As you seemingly always do!) :)


purely by accident I saw it — you were terrific, grace. hit all those great grace notes. and the book looks terrific up there!

Kristina Gulino

Congrats! What a fantastic opportunity! Now for the part where I say “I wished I had cable”! And ps – you don’t look like a doofus :)

Nook & Sea

Cindy * Daisies & Crazies

Grace, I just watched this on DVR. I am behind on my D*S posts, so came here looking for a mention.

You were classy and articulate! I hollered at my husband, “That’s Grace Bonney! She wrote something to me once!” LOL And now he thinks I’m famous. hahaha Great job!