culture kitchen

by Grace Bonney

If I had to list my top three interests, they would easily be design, animals and food. I try to fill my day with as much of each as possible (stopping short of owning 10 cats, of course), and I love getting the chance to talk about the other two on D*S. Culture Kitchen is a fantastic new project currently being funded on Kickstarter. Co-founder Abby Sturges describes Culture Kitchen as an attempt to spread culture through food. Each month, CK ships members a kit of everything they need to cook an authentic ethnic meal at home (including the hard-to-find ingredients) taught by an immigrant to the US and focusing on his/her personal story. No matter where you live, it’s easy to fall into a food rut of only cooking/eating/ordering the things we know best. I love that this project will not only help you cook outside the box, but will also introduce you to a new person and culture at the same time. If you’re interested in checking out more info on the project, click here to view their Kickstarter page or just hit “play” below. If you pledge $45 or more you’ll receive a kit, too! xo, grace

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