copenhagen coaster set

For someone who grew up in the South, I seem to have left a shocking number of table manners behind. I routinely place my forearms or elbows on the table, am always forgetting whether my water goes on the left or right and have completely abandoned the idea of ever placing my drink on a coaster. While the first two might take more memory jogging, the last would be easily solved with this adorable¬†set of coasters at Leif. I love the look of brass and darker wood (in this case, it’s sheesham wood), and this sweet little holder looks cute enough to leave out on a regular basis. That’s the best shot I’ve got at remembering to use one, so I might have to give these a go. If you need help remembering to avoid water rings, click here to check these out and shop online ($36 for the set of 6 plus holder). xo, grace


I’m the opposite, completely obsessive about using coasters, to the point where I might need coasters for these coasters…. (luckily we have a glass coffee table so I don’t need to obsess over protecting IT at least…)


I love the wood too, but it usually makes terrible coasters. Sweaty glasses stick to them then clang back to the table. Sandstone coasters are much more functional.


That coaster set looks really nice, but I agree with Tinyhands. Wood or any coasters that are completely flat and lightweight like those allow sweaty glasses to stick to them, and then clang back on the table. We have a 2 sets of felt coaster, and love them.

Martha Hopkins

I bought this same set this past year at Spartan in Austin. (One of my favorite stores, btw.) These coasters work great for our home and I finally got to throw away (most of) my boyfriend’s cardboard coasters he always snags from bars.