big dot by matt merkel-hess

It’s pretty much impossible for me to turn down a good polka-dotted object. Whether it’s something to wear, hold or display, if it’s covered in dots (especially larger scale dots), I covet it. These stunning metallic glaze jugs and bowls are by Matt Merkel-Hess, whose glazed bricks I wrote about yesterday. Part of his Merkelware series, each one-of-a-kind piece has a large dot pattern with a Shino glaze. They’re food safe (though you should hand-wash them) but would be just as pretty to use for holding flowers or displaying small objects like jewelry. Iko Iko is selling both versions online right here and here for $95–$125. xo, grace


I have done something similar (more or less) with a bottle and washi-tape (and maybe I have seen the idea here). I am a big fan os dots too :D