after the jump: lorena siminovich interview (mp3)

by Grace Bonney

I love it when things seem to magically come together to create a perfect afternoon. On Sunday, when I was preparing to work on another solo radio show (but secretly wishing I had a guest instead), I got a message from artist, designer and author Lorena Siminovich, who was in town for a few days from San Francisco. I’m a huge fan of Lorena and her work, so I jumped at the chance to bring her to Williamsburg to chat with me on air. Luckily she could spare the time, so we got to talk yesterday about her background, growing up in Buenos Aires and how she’s managed to work toward balancing life, work, family and everything in between.

Lorena has been a huge inspiration to me for the past few years because she’s grown an incredibly successful business while still maintaining a happy life and always trying exciting new projects. It was such a pleasure to hear more about her early life in Buenos Aires (she designed stamps for the Postal Service there!) and how that influenced where she is today. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview as much as I did. Thanks so much to Lorena for joining me on air. You can visit Lorena’s site here, the Petite Collage site here and check out the 20+ books she’s written and illustrated here. xo, grace


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  • Great interview. Lorena’s enthusiasm and accent are complete charming and wonderful! I really appreciated hearing about both the interesting and not so interesting jobs she held in her early years as well as how discovering her visual voice was a process that evolved over time. Thanks!

  • As a graphic designer — and mama to a 1-year old — working on a baby goods side business, I’m so excited to hear this interview. I totally agree with Lorena that when you have a child, you have to spend time working on what you love. It’s wonderful to hear how her business grew and evolved.

    Thank you, Lorena… you are an inspiration!

    p.s. I can’t wait to buy your books for my son :)

  • I suspect that I admired and bought and used and saved the stamps she designed when I visited BsAs in 1998. My travelmate friend and I bought wood block prints on the street and shipped them home to ourselves in the US, using stamps featuring a different graphic and boldly colorful argentine animal on each stamp. I have them tucked away in my ephemera from that trip.

  • Thank you for this lovely interview. Really such a great inspiration, a ‘proof’ that you can grow your business and have a happy life! I love it. I’m probably still ‘on my way’, so I listen and listen to the interview again and again!