abj glassworks

by Grace Bonney

If I had to pick a favorite metal to work with or have in my home, it would be copper — hands down. Copper always feels warm, and it ages so beautifully. So when I saw these beautiful copper terrariums at Caravan Pacific, I ordered one immediately. Shannon at Caravan Pacific told me they were designed by her friend Ashley in Philadelphia, and I immediately looked her up online to see what else she was making. I was blown away by all the beautiful little terrariums, boxes and stained-glass hangings that Ashley designs under the name ABJ Glassworks.

Ashley was born in Pennsylvania, and after living in England and Delaware, she came home last year to set up her own shop. Ashley says she’s absorbed in the process of stained-glass sculpture, and while she often makes drawings ahead of time, she likes to improvise as much as possible in her work. I really love the little colored glass mobiles she makes (those hearts are adorable), but the copper boxes and terrariums are my favorites. I ordered a little jewelry pyramid to display my favorite tiny earrings (and to protect them from Turk’s curious paws), but you can check out and order from her full collection online at Etsy right here and visit Ashley’s main website/blog here. Thanks so much to Shannon for the tip! xo, grace

Oh MAN I hope these lamps go into production. Not available in her shop yet, but I will be the first to buy one when they are. Sooo pretty!

More beautiful glasswork from ABJ Glassworks after the jump . . .

Ashley’s terrariums at Caravan Pacific

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  • Big fan of Ashley’s! So wonderful to see a glimpse of her studio as well as her gorgeous terrariums. Plus, she happens to be one of the sweetest people around. Love having her work in our store, such a pleasure to introduce you two!

  • Grace- thanks so much for sharing. Those beauties are just what we’ve been looking for to showcase our jewelry! Love the terrariums + lamps too. :)

  • I’m one of the lucky ones to have the lamp — in amber tones — so you can immagine what it looks like all lit up! I also got one in turquoise hues for my cousin’s beach house. She’s still thanking me — and even extended the time for our yearly get-away there.

    I also have (had) some Dodecahedrons, Tetrahedrons, and Cubes which I gave as gifts and, of course the recipients were wowed. (Christmas is coming. Consider them. They make a fabulous gift!)

    The only thing I’ve been hesitant to give up is the verical herringbone blue and amber window “pane” which is simply to die for!

  • Thanks for all the lovely feedback for my work! I am planning on having the lamps available for the fall/winter season, I’m just figuring out the final details. There will be two sizes (height with shade approx 18.5″ and 15″), with the choice of either silver finish or copper patina, like my other clear glass work. If anyone wants me to contact them when I start taking pre-orders just send me an email!