you are so loved

by Grace Bonney

Every now and then, you need a little pick me up that is all about sheer joy and happiness. For some people, romantic comedies serve that purpose; for others, a giant piece of cake does the trick (now I want both). Next month, Chronicle is releasing a book that is the printed version of a giant hug. You Are So Loved is a compilation of artwork that celebrates warm fuzzy feelings, from inspiring messages to sweet confessions of love. If you need something to lift your spirits or remind you to smile, this little book ($12.95) will be perfect. It’s officially out on August 29th, but you can pre-order on Amazon right here (it’s not online at Indie Bound yet).

Image above by Carolina Otero

Image above by Sarah Landwehr (I bought this in Portland last summer and love it!)

Images above: (left) Emily Hunter (right, and book cover) Jen Renninger

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Image above by Nicolle Lavelle and Sarah Baugh

Image above by Dominique Falla

Image above by Bridget Watson Payne

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