weekly wrap up + arite kannavos

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a style soul mate, and I think I’ve found mine in Leif’s owner, Stacy Longenecker. I hope this doesn’t totally creep her out (sorry, Stacy!), but I constantly find myself wishing I had just about everything she stocks in her shop and on her blog. I check her blog once a week to catch up on her favorite non-shop finds, and I often want to re-blog just about everything she’s posted. Today I couldn’t resist wrapping up the week with some incredible artwork she posted by artist Arite Kannavos. These beautiful drawings and collages are sold through Gilligan Grant Gallery in Australia and have such vivid colors (and neons!) that they’re impossible to resist. While originals aren’t always in everyone’s budgets, many of these pieces are for sale for under $1,000, so if you’ve ever wanted to save up and invest in a piece, these would be perfect.

I’m catching a red eye home from California tonight (congrats to my cousin Matt, whom we watched graduate from the DLI yesterday!), so I’m going to pack up and get ready. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:



The whimsical colors! The mixture between heavy handed and free-for-all! I love everything about these.

Thanks for the Friday inspiration!


I love the colors in these pictures! I am a Swedish interior design blogger and I just find your blog, consider yourself bookmarked. (My blog is in Swedish but my iPad-magazine is in English.)
Have a nice day // Frida


I’ve seen Leif, and now I understand why… Design Sponge is just as good. Maybe you just need to redesign your site. :)


I recently saw these at the Gillian Grant gallery. Artite’s use of colour is amazing Gorgeous!