vice versa throw

Right now my apartment is stuck in an awful flip flop zone where it’s either too hot or too cold. I finally gave in and bought an air conditioner, and now I’m constantly cranking it up or down to suit the day’s temperature. I’ve tried all the special energy-saving settings, but it seems to teeter from one extreme to the other. To deal with the fluctuating temps, I’m leaving blankets out for those moments when I feel too chilly. (I also have a weird thing where I can’t sleep without some sort of weighty blanket on top of me.) These gorgeous crumpled linen throws by Maison de Vacances at Calypso Home would be a great summer blanket option. The colors are sophisticated but saturated, and the weight is perfect for summer nights — not too heavy and not too light. If only my air conditioner could take a lesson from them. To check these out in more detail or order online, you can view them here. (They’re 100% linen, so they’re an investment — $350 each.) xo, grace


Love the curry color and 100% linen is always a good choice especially in summer!Stay cool:)!


I have that same “have to sleep with some sort of blanket” thing!


I too have to sleep with something weighty over me! The throws are such lovely colours too.


I love this post, not so much for the blankets (though, they are lovely) but for the fact of the “need to sleep with a weighty blanket” camaraderie I’ve discovered!


I also need a blanket year round. These are gorgeous! A bit (ha!) out of my price range right now, but they are certainly something to aspire to.


I really like your sentiments about needing to sleep with a weighty blanket no matter the season! And blankets are a great way to compensate for an over agressive AC… Grace, if you’d ever want to do a guest blog on our Berkshire Blanket blog, we’d welcome you!

Valerie Adams

Add me to the list of “must sleep with something on” posts. Years ago, I bought a set of vintage, handmade 100% linen sheets. I’ve owned them for over 25 years and they just continue to get better and better.