the jv club: interview with d*s (teenage angst)

It’s impossible to escape feeling completely and utterly mortified when one* of your most awkward life moments is being shared with a large group of people. And I am right in the thick of that uncomfortable fidgety feeling. Why? Mainly because a picture of me at age 13 is sitting right above this paragraph. The reason it’s there has to do with an outstanding and truly important podcast series created and hosted by actress, comedian and all-around awesome woman, Janet Varney.

Janet created an amazing podcast series called The JV Club, where she interviews women about what it was like being a teenager. Her previous guests have included talented women like Christina Hendricks, Maria Bamford (I love her so much), Mary Lynn Rajskub and Connie Chung. So when Janet asked me to participate, I just about fell out of my chair. I feel completely out of my league here, but I am nonetheless thrilled to be part of a series that I think is so important. Being reminded of everyone’s awkward years (even those that continued well beyond our teens) is a wonderfully unifying experience and really helps you see what shapes people and pushes them toward who they’ll become.

I really can’t believe I get to be part of this, so I just wanted to send a very special thank you to Janet for including me in such incredible company. Thanks, Janet. xo, grace

You can listen to the podcast for free right here on The Nerdist (another amazing site, if you don’t know it already).

*Let’s just say I’m glad my mom didn’t send in my Glamour Shots from middle school. They were BRUTAL.


I was also really confused; it looks like those pictures were taken *maybe* three years apart.


I love this idea, and will have to listen to the podcast.

I wish I looked that fabulous at 13. You look like Pheobe Cates, who was my idea of teen beauty back in the day.

Kiley Durham

This is so fantastic! Such a great thing to be a part of. And by the way…you are not out of your league :)


Yeah, not really seeing a horrible teen photo, you look exactly the same. Seriously!


I loved listening to it, you really remind me of a good friend of mine from high school.

oh and by the way, d*s is not at all too girly!


You are so humble, Grace. It’s a part of your charm, but I doubt that many of your followers are surprised by your inclusion to the JV Club line-up. You are such an inspiration to so many of us. Keep up the incredible work. We love ya…….

Melissa Kojima

Ah, how wonderful! Congrats, Grace. You looked beautiful at 13 and still do today! You too are an inspiration, so of course, you were invited to be a part of this great podcast project! Will go and listen to it now!


Great interview! And I definitely never expected you to look like a cupcake :) That line made me chuckle.

Emily @ Peck Life

Grace! I just found this podcast and listened to it YESTERDAY. First, I had no idea we are nearly the same age….and share the same love of my so called life. Design Sponge was one of the first blogs I ever started reading and you are such an influencial person in my blogging world….it was just the BEST interview. I couldn’t agree more that integrity, following your heart, and doing things that really match who you are, are the keys to sucess. It’s how I live my life and I can’t imagine doing it any other way! Thank youuuuu for sharing yourself!