summer hammock

When summer rolls around, we’re all entitled to certain inalienable rights. The right to ride your bike with your feet in the air, the right to replace any meal with popsicles and the right to spend the better part of your weekend napping in a hammock. While we sadly discovered that our office ceiling isn’t strong enough to hold a swing or hammock (sob), I’m still eyeing both like they’re going out of style. Last week when Amy and I were at Terrain, we saw these gorgeous striped hammocks that are hand-woven in Thailand (through a fair-wage organization). Made of weatherproof, mold and mildew-resistant yarn, each one felt extremely soft to the touch and was thin enough to cast a pretty small footprint in or outdoors (as opposed to the bulky stand versions). These hammocks are designed to hold up to 330 pounds, so if you’re looking to take a family nap (pets included) this summer, click here to check them out in detail and shop online. A virtual high five to anyone who installs this in their office. You’re livin’ the dream, my friend. xo, grace

gluten free gift

when I visualize “success” I see myself having time to loll around in a hammock in the shade… ideally by water with a cool breeze. This one is gorgeous – and I’m inspired this Monday morning to manifest that “success”… I’m ready for my hammock!


I think we also have a right to a pool boy to fan us in our striped hammock. :-)


I’d love to have one of these but as we live in the UK, I doubt we’d be able to spend much time on it!


Lovely looking hammock. Great to see the tradition of hand-weaving hammocks is still alive outside of Mexico. Seems most are mass factory produced these days without comfort and the environment really considered in the end product.