style icon: stevie nicks

Sometimes it seems as if we’re all struggling to be comfortable in our decade. If you walk around any major U.S. city, there’s that dude channeling the 1890s, the girl from pioneer days, the ’80s skaters – this summer, I’ve personally been wearing Hammer pants like it’s 1990. Hindsight being 20/20 and that aside – Stevie Nicks, with her 1970s aviators and bell bottom, and ’80s feathers and gauzy fabrics, seemed firmly ensconced in her decades. She put on her platform boots in 1975 and never took them off. And honestly, with that voice, it almost didn’t matter what she wore. I had to sneak in this version of Wild Heart. That voice. Slays me. -Amy Azzarito

Image above, top: johanna pieterman’s stevie and the wolf $32

Image above, bottom,  from clockwise: dream catcher $29, large metal aviators $24, feather bangle $122, mica sunrise ring $425 chakra suncatcher 12 GBP, round velvet pintuck pillow $34, triangle necklace $35, fiber art pillow $128 damask rose romper $110 ,  feather collection tray $35

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Image above: johanna pieterman’s nightbird $32

Image above, clockwise: st kilda feather necklace $125, white parrot lamp $625, mango ombre velvet pillow $218, agate stone eagle feather $46, glowing moon clock $36, chain bracelet $88, collector’s charm $4.95, sunset landscape tank $110




every older sister of every friend i had in my pre-teen, early 80’s years was channeling Stevie on some level. and us, playing dress up in secret, trying desperately to be them. love this post so much, it brings back great memories


Great video – love her! Thanks for posting the anthro pillow as well, I was looking for something exactly like that, and now I’ve found it! So thank you!


Gorgeous earthy goodness. Every outfit and every interior space should have a touch of Stevie. And every day should include some of her songs.

Rosane Tardin

Maybe we are all uncomfortable with the world that, after all, we have created and where we live today. Feel the same here in Brazil and in Europe-I live on the bridge. Yes we are uncomfortable. Fool ourselves looking for security in the world of 70 … 80, times that we already know, places, things, sounds that soothe after all.


so many good memories while listening to stevie! thanks for a great post! Xo

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

That little video of her just buoys me sometimes – I’ve watched it a lot! The quality is poor, but I’m so glad someone snuck out their camera and gave us a glimpse into that wonderful little backstage jam.

She’s naturally gorgeous, and earthy – one of my true style icons.

Made my day too! Thanks ~ Heidi


Many years (decades) ago my older sister was in the front row of a Fleetwood Mac concert and during the show, Stevie took off her headband (metal with a smoky purple stone of some kind) and GAVE it to my sister.

That headband was treated with a reverence usually reserved for objects of great religious significance! I was very occasionally allowed to put it on, with extremely close supervision, but never allowed to take it out of the room. I should ask if my sister still has it….


MADE. MY. DAY. Would you please do a Living in a Stevie Nicks (or Fleetwood Mac featuring Stevie) post?


Wow, I feel like it’s safe to come out of the closet… In the days of REM and The Cure, it was so utterly uncool to love Fleetwood Mac. And I loved them with a geekiness that extended to buying obscure out of print singles and dressing in my velvet boots with satin ribbon laces.

I’ve noticed a lot of indie music these days shows clear Mac influences–it’s fun to hear it, and I wonder if the kids listening to it recognize the sound.