It’s really hard not to type the word “stripes” and immediately follow it with like twenty-five exclamation points. In my world, that word is always said or written with !!!!! to emphasize my extreme love of the pattern. These little leather card cases from Almanac Industries on Etsy come in a huge range of colorful stripe options, and they’d make such a nice gift for anyone with a new job, business or office. They’d certainly make me more likely to bust out my own business cards, and I’m pretty sure the colors would inspire me to print a few rounds of biz cards in neon ink. Click here to check out the card cases and shop online ($35 each). xo, grace


Since prison stripes are all the rage this year, I’d pop that biz card holder into my hand-sewn black and white stripe top (made with a pocket, of course). Then I have any insty conversation starter. Make sure the biz card holder is a different colorway, of course. Otherwise, you’re going to make people dizzy. They might throw up. Stripes are not a roller coaster ride.