storage options at spartan home

Speaking of small storage, how adorable are these wooden and ceramic containers at Spartan Home? The glass and acacia wood jars above would be perfect for serving or food storage (though I’d be tempted to use them for jewelry or craft supplies), and the ceramic pieces with cork closures (by Vitrified Studio — they have an amazing blog) are so lovely that I would be happy to display them as is. I love small pieces like this because they really elevate everyday storage for me; they take something as mundane as stashing earrings and turn it into artwork. Click here to check out the wooden vessels and here for the ceramic pieces. xo, grace


I made a handful of heart-shaped tea bags (thanks to the D*S DIY) and put them in one of the smaller wood & glass jars for Mother’s Day. I adore Spartan Home.


Always a problem, finding attractive jars and ceramics for the storage of perishable dry goods in my kitchen. These are exactly the style that I like, very homey. I like the jars have such large corks. It’s always a problem with the purchase jars such as these when the cork eventually shrinks, making for a bad fit. No problem with that here!