natural hardware + shiny lights

I’m in the process of building my own version of the (internet) famed “fauxdenza” this week, so I’ve been looking left and right for interesting pulls and knobs. I’ll probably go for something super streamlined, but when I was looking for knobs, I naturally ended up at Anthropologie. While I don’t buy as many clothes there as I did a few years ago, I always go back for their hardware selection — it’s fantastic. The knobs below are calling my name in a BIG way, and it’s going to take every ounce of willpower I have not to buy a whole bucket of those crystal ones below. Those are amazing. And while I was looking for knobs, I came across this awesome mirror and pendant lamp. The lamp above is so lovely and really calls to mind a mirrored version of origami. The lamp and mirror aren’t in my budget right now, but I think a few of those knobs might end up on my bathroom cabinet at some point . . . xo, grace


Huge fan of these natural materials. They have a minimalist/modern quality about them, but still retain tons of detail and beauty. Great post!


Those knobs are gorgeous. Anthropologie is a great source for little odds and ends for the home. Their housewares sales tend to be fantastic, too!


I completely share your fascination with Anthropologie knobs, and I don’t just mean the sales girls. They’re just so darn pretty – I find myself wanting to tie them to some twine and hang them from my ears.


I love that you’re still on a budget like the rest of us. I love their knobs and hooks too, they’ve spruced up quite a few of my pieces and always look fantastic.


I was hoping that mirror would stay under the radar.:) My fingers are crossed that it goes on sale at some point so I can snap it up.


What a great light. It’s perfect. Wish I could afford it. I know exactly where I would put it.

Melissa Kojima

Oooh, the light does look like origami. Anthropologie strikes again. Hehehee! I’d be fighting the will power too, Grace. Those knobs are amazing. Tempting indeed! So you’re making a fauxdenza too? Hope to see photos of it soon.


Check out the-brick-house. She has an amazing version of the fauxdenza. Saving up my pennies to put one together as well.


Gorgeous mirror. Kinda in love.

I agree on the Anthropologie clothes thing…I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the clothes are less appealing these days. Maybe not enough edge?