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sneak peek: paul & amy hamilton

by Amy Azzarito

Amy and Paul Hamilton have channeled a sort-of New England seaside town for the decoration of their 1859 home in Granville, Ohio. The house, which sits on six acres, is named Skipping Rock Farm and is home to their two children, a 19-year-old (now away at college in Chicago) and a 17-year-old, as well as Chrissy, their 14-year-old cat, and Chloe, their dog (the two dogs in the photo above, Fifi and Tinkerbell, were being babysat). Paul is a fine artist and Amy is a milliner. They use the property for a host of events including hat making, oil painting and photography workshops, as well as weddings and special events. As their kids prepare to leave the nest, the couple is hoping to build a handful of luxury cabins so that their workshop attendees can stay on the property for weekend retreats and glamping. Thanks, Paul and Amy! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Paul surprised me with a trip to Venice, Italy, last September to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The Fortuny Museum was amazing and incredibly inspiring with all the luxurious textures and muted colors. We spent the plane ride home dreaming of ideas to incorporate into our home. Paul made the headboard for me for Christmas a few years ago — he used a router to carve out the pattern. (Paint: Valspar Lazy Days C1247)

Image above: We enjoy bird watching from our kitchen window and love to display the works of art they create. The cake plates make a perfect pedestal for the nests. I’ve taken several upholstery workshops in the past year, and this is the first chair I reupholstered on my own. (Paint: Valspar Almost Charcoal 4008-2B)

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Image above: Our sitting room upstairs is in the original part of the house that was built in 1859 — it is a loft-style room. Our inspiration for this room was a painting by Winslow Homer. The room is filled with Paul’s paintings of the Maine coastline. He built the center table, as well. (Paint: Valspar Thalo Night 5009-4)

Image above: After only having one crappy bathroom downstairs for the first seven years we lived here, we sort of went for it when we added the master bathroom! The shower and surface around the tub are poured concrete, and the shower walls are stainless steel. Now we have two beautiful bathrooms! (Paint: Valspar Fresh Mint 5008-9C)

Image above: Paul’s studio is in a bank barn. The upstairs has become the perfect environment for him to display his work, entertain guests and host weddings and parties. The downstairs provides space for him to create and not have to clean it up every weekend! Ha! (Paint: Valspar Summer Mist 6004-3A)

Image above: The kitchen has seen the most changes over the past 14 years. We added all the molding, ceramic flooring, and beadboard ceiling. (Paint: Valspar Almost Charcoal 4008-2B)

Image above: This is one of Paul’s more contemporary paintings. (Paint: Valspar Almost Charcoal 4008-2B)

Image above: The gallery that represents Paul is known for coming to our house and taking the paintings off our walls to sell, so I had him put molding around them so that they have to stay! (Paint: Valspar Thalo Night 5009-4)

Image above: Master bedroom (Paint: Valspar Lazy Days C1247)

Image above: This is my millinery studio that used to be the old horse and carriage barn. We poured concrete floors and used salvage material and iron stair treads for the shelving. (Paint: Valspar Green Garlands 5007-3C)

Image above: Last summer, Paul built our first cabin on the property. (Paint Valspar Willow Leaf EB9-1)

Image above: We enjoy hosting parties under the pergola. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy lunch during our workshops. I’m hoping that one day the wisteria will decide to bloom — it’s more than seven years old!

Image above: Martha’s Vineyard is also one of Paul’s favorite destinations to paint, and the family has been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel there for his gallery openings! You cannot go to Martha’s Vineyard and not want to cover your house in cedar shake! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the blue hydrangeas to grow in our clay soil, but Annabelle hydrangeas do the trick!

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  • I’m really intrigued by that knitted blanket…is it new? Old? Somewhere in between? Also that millinery studio is every crafty woman’s dream. Those hatblocks! The sewing machine! The space. Just wow.

  • We are so thrilled to be featured on Design Sponge! Thank you, thank you! You’ve offered us a daily dose of inspiration for several years now and we’re so excited to share the results! XO Paul & Amy

  • Gosh, how lovely/dreamy/relaxing! All that cool light looks just heavenly on this hot Texas summer day. I read the headline thinking, “Hmm, that name sounds familiar, I think I may have gone to school with a Paul Hamilton when I lived in Ohio.” And then I see that they’re in Ohio! And the age seems right — I wonder if Paul ever went to school in Jackson Township when he was a kid (in the ’70s)? Another old classmate is a filmmaker now so we may have spawned a creative bunch!

  • I love the chair you upholstered. I’m looking forward to taking my first class this fall (a four week series) and pinning your chair for inspiration and motivation!

  • such a lovely space, i’m a bit disappointed in the quality of the images. D*S, i truly wish you had the ability to send a photog to shoot the space. Just doesn’t do such an amazing home justice…

    • Anon – Unfortunately, we don’t have a photography budget. And even though I would have loved more photos, I felt that the home was so great, that I wanted to go ahead and share it with all of you. Thanks, Amy

    • anon- just wanted to chime in. sadly we don’t have the budget of a big magazine so we can’t afford to hire photographers across the country on a regular basis. to keep overhead low (which allows us to run a minimum number of ads) but still pay our writing staff we try to work with home owners to take photos. it would be our dream too to afford something like that, but sadly it’s just not in our budget :(


  • I don’t think the photos are that bad! They certainly didn’t prevent me from being inspired by the home and getting a sense of its story. A lovely piece.

  • I cannot fully express how much I absolutely adore this space. One of the things that makes me insanely happy about this feature is that the couple was so kind as to list the paint colors and brand with each photo!!!!! I love too that the husband made the headboard for his honey :) (among other things!). Wonderful, wonderful family. Love absolutely everything!!!!

  • A beautiful home! Would you mind sharing where you found the adorable wicker cat/dog bed?

  • Truly beautiful inspired home…. how amazing to see someone decorating from the heart. Like a real-life tenenbaum home… Mega-glorious…!

  • Oh my goodness, that bedroom is so gorgeous. I’d love to have a little office inside of the cabin. What an inspiring property!

  • Can you show some more pictures of your bathroom. I would like to see what the cement and stainless steel look like. The picture you present here is absolutely wonderful and I would like to use some of your ideas. If that is not possible, I will understand but it sure would help us remodel our bathroom.

  • The amazing home really reflects on the talents and creativity of an amazing couple – Paul and Amy are so extremely generous with their time and talents – we’re grateful to have them in our community. They inspire us in more ways than can be counted….

  • I love the Winslow Homer-inspired room. We have been all Homer all the time here at the PMA where I work in Portland Maine, and so it is so nice to see other people being inspired by him and his work. We have a big exhibition coming up this fall, and will be opening his studio up for tours. I can’t help but share some of the product I’ve been working on with local designers and craftspeople to get ready for the fall. In particular I am loving the pillows!! http://store.portlandmuseum.org/collections/winslow-homer/pma-exclusives

  • Lovely home but the PAINTINGS… WOW! This post inspired me to go and check this fabulous painter and am really impressed. I fell in love with Whispering Waters and many more.

  • My friends were married here last year! :) It was a gorgeous space and the perfect place for a wedding!

  • This home is my idea of a dream home, so warm and inviting! I think the photos are absolutely gorgeous as well, there is nothing even remotely unprofessional about them in my mind, in fact I found myself thinking “somehow these photos really capture the mood of this house” while I was looking, and was really shocked to see that someone felt otherwise…actually when I first read that comment I thought someone was sarcastically commenting on how GORGEOUS they were…I hang around with sarcastic men way too much…

  • Wow, this home is amazing! I love that you can feel how much dedication, time and thought they’ve put into turning this into a place they can call home. I felt like I was flipping through an issue of MS Living the entire time! To be a guest on their property would be a real treat. Great job- one of my favorite tours yet.

  • Beautiful! Do you have any tips for reupholstering the “tub” chair (white + wood chair near the shelving + painting)? I have two of these chairs right now and would love any tips or tricks for this particular chair style. I have done simple reupholstery but this will be the most involved piece I’ve attempted so far.

  • This may be ignorance speaking, but I actually really loved the photos. Scrolling through, a mood was created in each photo by the light and colors in the rooms. Like the one with the paintings molded into the walls, it reminded me of the ocean surf with it’s blue-green tint. I don’t know if it’s an accurate depiction of the actual colors in the space, but for me it made the whole photo into a work of art. Whoever took these photos can come shoot pictures of my home any day!

  • This house is perfect. If it were for sale and I were buying it (Big Dream!!) I’d want to buy it exactly as it is, furniture and all, inside and out. Perfect.

  • This is just so….different and refreshing, yet classic and timeless at the same time. Cedar shakes? A milliner? Pergolas? I sort of feel like I fell into an Anne of Green Gables novel. I will be coming back to this one for sure. Love!