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sneak peek: molly jacques & cody erickson

by anne

Calligrapher/illustrator Molly Jacques and her husband and fellow artist, Cody Erickson, live in a historic downtown area of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in an old house that was refurbished into a duplex apartment. The home’s huge windows and white walls let them experiment with colors and textiles that reflect their love for classic beauty and the arts. (I’m seriously in love with their velvet chairs!) As a freelancer, Molly spends most of her days in her studio space working on various jobs and collaborations with stationery designers and companies throughout the United States, as well as creating hand-lettered prints and custom stamps that she sells via her online store. Many thanks to Molly and to Bryan and Mae for the photos! — Anne

Image above: Our bed includes an ochre velvet headboard and was made in Paris during the 1920s. This is one piece of an entire bedroom set that we’ve decided to place throughout our home.

Image above: Our antique blue couch and glass coffee table have been in the family for years and serve as a great place to set out some of our favorite books to read.

More inside Molly and Cody’s Michigan home after the jump . . .

Image above: The living room is one of my favorite places in our home, as it holds all of our favorite books, records and my record player. We spend almost all of our hang out time here with friends, often listening to T.Rex and playing along with the guitar. Our big green velvet chair was sitting in my sister’s basement for years, and Cody decided to refurbish it and give it a home. On either side of the green chair, we have our wooden bookcases, which hold some of our most prized possessions.

Image above: In the summertime we love to have dinner and drinks out on our back porch. This image shows an old wooden tray that we use for carrying cocktails and a few Michigan wildflowers for decoration.

Image above: With a variety of hand-picked antique chairs and salon gallery walls, our dining room really showcases my love for eclectic style. Shown on the table is our Theodore Haviland New York china set along with a collection of antique crystal and various glass vessels. Paintings by Cody Erickson.

Image above: This dresser goes along with our Parisian bedroom set. It used to sit in my studio space (our bedroom is too small for it), but as my freelance business progressed, we decided to move it into our dining area. We love it here because the huge mirror opens up the room and also adds an unexpected feel against the dark wood throughout. On top, we’ve placed various found objects for decoration along with dried white roses that serve as a motif throughout many of Cody’s paintings.

Image above: Wildflowers cut from our backyard

Image above: The desk in my studio office is another piece from our bedroom set. It is actually a letter-writing desk, but it turned out to be the perfect size for my iMac, Wacom tablet, and keyboard! One thing that I love most about this work area is all the warm colors; the ochre velvet on my chair really complements the rusty orange carpet. Warm, cheerful colors never fail to lift my mood each morning as I approach my emails.

Image above: Shown here is my chalkboard to-do list that I created for my studio space along with a few of my own hand-lettered prints. Also a small monochromatic portrait my husband painted of me a few years ago next to an old letterpressed tobacco poster.

Image above: Our stovetop shown with one of our stainless steel cookware pieces.

Image above: These are two old tins that were found by my mother at an antique store in Grand Rapids. Downtown we have four or five antique stores that reside in the lower level of the old Sligh Furniture building (which also serves as studio space for various artists). It’s an amazing place to go and venture around if you have a few hours to spare and love the smell of old books, furniture, and trinkets.

Image above: Our small but durable hat collection, which we bring with us whenever we travel.

Image above: Working from home has given me the freedom to surround myself with colors and images that really inspire and evoke creativity. I chose a bright yellow 1950s formica table to use as my work station because it complements all of the warm tones throughout the room and adds a little contrast to all of the Victorian-style furniture throughout the house.

Image above: Cody and I hangin’ out.

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