sneak peek: michael mavian and victoria rumi

When Michael Mavian and Victoria Rumi first moved into their Toronto apartment, every wall was a different color, which they found a bit chaotic. They decided the best solution was to paint the walls white, providing a clean backdrop for their collection of well-worn objects and art. Michael is a graphic designer and fine artist with a passion for collage. Drawing from a rich collection of vintage LIFE magazines, antique prints and newspapers, Michael’s work, as well as his living space, is imbued with an aesthetic that is both nostalgic and contemporary. Victoria Rumi spends her days working as a court reporter to support her true passion, a baking business. Thank you, Michael and Victoria, and thanks to Allie Mavian Buzbuzian for the photos! — Shannon

Image above: The building we live in is actually an old perfume factory, and these are the original floors. Love their character and age.

Image above: My collection of antique cameras, which I love and have actually put quite a few rolls of film through.

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Image above: Our factory lights in the kitchen were originally from Victoria’s father’s antique and wood shop, and the “Bakery” sign was originally from a small bakery in Quebec. The sign was actually bought before we moved in, and it just so happened to fit perfectly in our kitchen — it was meant to be.

Image above: My grandfather was a draftsman, and the ruler, crayon, brush and compass were his. I like to have these around when I’m working. Character and patina are what really draw me to certain antiques. I love the graphic nature of old signs, posters and advertisements. I like being able to see the wear and tear that a piece has and how something has been used.

Image above: The window is from a 100-year-old home that was being torn down around the corner from me, and the fan is from an antique market just north of the city, and it still works great.

Image above: The sofas are designed by Mazzoli from Italy; they’re really comfortable, and I love the simple and elegant design. The bike is hung on hooks from the ceiling so it’s really easy to get up and down, and it saves a lot of space.

Image above: After graduating high school, I traveled throughout Australia for a few months, and when I got back, the map behind our kitchen table was given to me, always a nice reminder.

Image above: This is my studio, where you’ll find me most of the time. On the walls there are some things I’ve collected, some pieces I have made, and some family heirlooms, as well. At the top left is a poster I designed for a typeface I created called “Freedom Gothic,” and it shows the family of weights and how it can be used. The framed newspaper is from when I was in Paris a couple years ago. I picked up a series of them; they’re from 1898–1900. The framed black and white photograph on the top right is by Larry Clark. And the Joni Mitchell album cover is my favorite album design. I really like the monochrome blue.

Image above: The rail crossing sign and the toolbox are both from the Christie Antique Fair; actually, the toolbox is from the 1920s, I believe. I love how graphic the sign is, and the lettering is great.

Image above: When I was last in Los Angeles, I picked up this old 48-star flag. I love the age and colour. I’m a dual citizen, so it means a lot to have it up.

Image above: Having a small outdoor garden space in the middle of the city is hard to come by. Being able to enjoy it only 4–5 months a year makes you really appreciate it. Victoria loves to garden and maintains a ton of plants on the other side of our patio. We have a great herb garden and lots of flowers.

Ryoma Sakamoto

I have this classic air, I really like. It is a nice house.


OMG, The bedroom is the Van Gogh’s bedroom at Arles, I’m talking about those angled walls … Beautiful

Green Key

Really nice place! It’s well put together, and has tons of personal character without being overdone.


Very nice industrial styled space. The vintage rai lcrossing signs. brilliant.

The US flag is hung wrong, should be flipped. The union (the stars) should always be on the left of the viewer standing in front [when its hanging on a wall].


Love all the stuff with patina and character. As another poster commented, you have the flag backwards. Field of stars goes in the upper left. =)


Vous devez sûrement, vous “sentir” si bien !Félicitations Vi


This is why I love living in Toronto! So many creative spaces and creative people.
Ultra cool place..Bravo!


Love the space. Heads up to you though – the automatic sprinkler piping should not be used to support the light. It’s a violation of the Ontario Fire Code.

Farmgirl Susan

I love all the vintage treasures in this wonderful sneak peek! Comfortable and beautiful – what a perfect home. :)


LOVE IT – fantastic….( finally an office where you can see the printer & modem ) …YES…..Simple great …Thank you for sharing and posting this visual vintage delight..