severin bookshelf

If you can say the name of this bookshelf without it immediately calling to mind Head of Slytherin House and Defense Against the Dark Arts professor¬†Severus Snape, you are a better person than I. My life doesn’t normally revolve around Harry Potter references (though it does revolve around Arrested Development lines!), but this name is too good to ignore. Ok, back to the furniture. This beautiful bookshelf was designed by Paris-based designer Alex de Rouvray. This freestanding unit is compact and can easily hold a wide range of media while doubling as a room divider, if necessary. Made from powder-coated steel and American walnut veneer, the Severin Bookshelf is part of Alex’s broader Severin Line, launched earlier in 2012. All the pieces share cantilevered structures and minimalist forms, so if this is up your alley, you can check out the full series online right here. Thanks, Alex! xo, grace


The name of this bookshelf reminds me more of the erotic novel Venus in Fur where Severin is a servant. In France we have a type of furniture which is called “serviteur” (servant) and whick looks like this one excepted it’s usually little tables with several levels. Maybe it’s related. ;-)


Saw the post title, thought of Snape, and laughed a little too loud when I started reading the entry itself. What’s cool is that the iron parts of the bookshelf do lend to giving the bookshelf something of a “modern dungeonesque” style. Whatever that is.

Erica W.

Anything would look beautiful in that gorgeous apartment. I bet if that bookcase was in a cubicle or basement it would look really different.


These shevles are superb, I could see this working perfectly in a large room. Great find.


I always wonder when I see such beautiful modern bookshelves whether or not they are truly practical for storing books. I have a very large, and ever-growing, collection that is always a bit tricky to fit into my small spaces well. This one is really something else, though.
Also, Snape is the Potions professor, not Defense Against the Dark Arts. Although he does take that position briefly, and later becomes headmaster. Sorry, I’m a bit of a Harry Potter person :)


Haha Laurin thanks I was going to say the same thing about the Potions correction. ;)


Haha, my grandson is called Severin…!! His aunt keeps calling him Severus but he’s known as Sevi :)