Last week’s After the Jump with Megan Auman on the importance of stuff has been on my mind every day for the past week. I listened to it at home, and during the discussion I decided to walk around my apartment and gaze upon my belongings, trying to determine how each item made me feel. It was a fun exercise, and I quickly realized that art objects and sculptural furniture pieces are my most cherished possessions. These may not help me perform my daily tasks, but they are the things that fill my home with life, and it’s their beauty and strangeness that pull me into the present moment.

After admiring the inventive and sometimes bizarre furniture/art creations by Minnesota-based design studio ROLU, I’ve determined that they land squarely in that “Art vs. furniture: Why can’t it be both?” camp, but with the added bonus that all of their pieces are made with simple, raw and inexpensive building materials like plywood and OSB. We actually discovered ROLU last year during our visit to the NOHO Design Week shows, where Amy took a delightful ride on one of their unusual chairs (see below). Since then, the ROLU team has been busy participating in numerous gallery shows and collaborative projects, each time blending sculpture, installation and furniture in unexpected ways. These various takes on shelving are my favorites, but all of their pieces are refreshingly imaginative and forward-looking. I would gladly add a ROLU piece to my collection of beloved stuff. Click here to see more. — Kate

Danielle Hardy

Those are so awesome! So fun and geometric! Love the pink and orange seats- but gotta say each piece is so unique and cute!