pretty new things at alder & co.

Ever since my summer in Portland, I get an itch to head back to the Pacific Northwest every few months. Maybe it’s the fresh air, all that green or some siren song for a better quality of life, but I find myself missing my favorite Portland haunts pretty regularly. High at the top of that list is Alder & Co., one of my favorite shops in town. Carla is an expert curator and has always styled and merchandised the store perfectly. I hadn’t been to the website in a while, so I found plenty of things to add to my wish list, including pompom-topped sachets, striped blankets, magnetic¬†clovers and French linen totes in my favorite shades of pink. You can check out the entire collection online right here and check out Alder & Co.’s blog for new updates right here. xo, grace


these are such lovely things. I love the clover things, not sure what they are used for but look very pretty


I love that voile print Citycraft Modern Fabric! Looking for more – do you sell? Love seeing the sachets here Grace:)


Thanks for such a nice post Grace. Rebecca takes such pretty photos of everything, and is ever the stylist, so my job is easy. I just show up for good conversation:)) Looking forward to your next visit to the Pacific Northwest.