Vertical gardening is incredibly popular with city dwellers, but it’s not always possible to do en-masse like you see in lush garden magazines and on television. Most of us have limited light and space, so creating a full wall isn’t feasible. These super sleek City Planters from Potted in LA are a great alternative because they serve as both wall art and planter. Each planter appears to float about an inch off the wall, comes in a vertical or horizontal orientation and has a hand-applied rust patina that gives it rich color and some texture. The planters drain forward to keep water off buildings (you can easily detach and water them outside if you want to hang them indoors), and they come with a simple aluminum cleat that makes hanging them a snap. I’m a fan of the all-rust versions, but the color blocked ones are super cute, too, if you want something a little brighter. Click here for more information and to order them online. xo, grace

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That’s perfect. I like the idea of vertical gardening and this size fits well into our home.


I love these! I would want to attach some neutra house numbers to it and put it by my front door.

Nicole Southgate

So beautiful! It will definitely work for me in my small space