paule marrot

One way I know I should invest in something is if I can’t stop thinking about it. Last week when I was checking out antique and thrift shops with Amy, I happened to fall in love with an incredible print by Paule Marrot that was for sale at Terrain in Westport. The price tag was out of my range, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Paule Marrot was a French painter and textile designer who produced an incredible amount of work from the 1920s to the 1950s. Her work is my idea of pattern perfection — it feels loose and natural and almost always focuses on nature. I’ve been torturing myself looking through the Paule Marrot editions at Natural Curiosities online, but I think the prices will keep me away for a while. If I ever stumble into some extra money (lottery tickets?), one of these big guys is going to be mine, stat. Natural Curiosities sells all of the Paule Marrot Editions, so if you’d like to find a retailer near you, click here for their retail list. You can also pick up the small yellow Marrot editions at Terrain online right here. xo, grace

More images from the Paule Marrot Editions at Natural Curiosities after the jump . . .


I’ve been visiting these at least once a week for about 6 months at Natural Curiosities. They are beautiful. Alas, I think ‘visiting’ is all I’ll ever be doing!

Amber Jensen

These are a total inspiration!! Maybe I will put away my sewing machine for the day and just paint like this. Thank you for posting these!


These are outstanding. Thanks for sharing, and making me want them SO BAD.

Grace Bonney


amy’s boyfriend’s family lives there so she’s found some great thrift and antique shops there on weekend trips. i’m always up to check out new places. plus we love any terrain store ;)


Barbra Ignatiev

Oh my, can’t believe I’ve not heard of this artiste! Now I am addicted.

So loose and lovely. I love the one with the deep reds and the delicate pinks. Intense and gentle.

Thanks for sharing!

Karalyn Lee

I came across Grace’s post quite by accident and so glad I did – they are stunning!

Thank you Grace xo

Karalyn Lee

I came across these quite by accident – so glad I did they are stunning!

Thank you Grace xo

Cara Pickens Noble

I believe Hayden Harnett did bags some time ago that were lined with Paule Marrot fabric.

Linda Long

Caspari uses several Paule Marrot designs on their paper products. (napkins, etc.)


Can you give me a hint as to HOW expensive these pieces are? I loves them!

Grace Bonney


there are some pieces missing there- do you know if they plan on extending their collection?




Oooh please what are the thrift stores you guys like around Westport? I just moved to the area and so miss good thrift shops.