Painter’s Tape DIY Contest!

by Kate Pruitt

When I was little, I spent many afternoons hanging out in the faculty room at the high school where my father taught history. It smelled like books and office supplies, probably because it held both in large quantities, in massive bookshelves and cabinets. Rummaging through the drawers, I felt like Indiana Jones when he happens upon a secret room filled with gold and treasure, but instead of gold, I had all the tape I wanted! Rolls and rolls of wonderful tape, and paper and scissors and pens, and silent solitary hours to create whatever I wanted. It was a formative experience, and throughout my life, I have always considered tape to be a magical material, its stickiness a gateway to creating anything imaginable, from an army of miniature machines to a massive city, light as a feather, stretching from the table to the walls and beyond.

I know I’m not alone in my love of tape, and I am insanely excited to announce that we are holding a DIY CONTEST based around the wunderstuff — specifically that familiar blue kind that we all use when painting our walls and probably have stashed in our toolboxes or utility drawers right now: Painter’s tape!

We want you to pull out that old painter’s tape (or pick up a new roll) and get SUPER creative: use it to make or modify a piece of furniture, a lamp, textiles — you name it. Then take some shots of the results, and show us how you did it! We will select a few top finalists and open up voting for a couple days. Our top winners will receive cash prizes courtesy of ScotchBlue Tape, and some of the runners-up will have their full tutorials published on the site!! — Kate

Here are the details. Please read carefully!

  • Contest: Painter’s Tape DIY
  • Description: Create a unique and inventive DIY project that uses painter’s tape in some way, ANY way! It can be anything home related: textiles, furniture, decorative objects, stationery or paper based, lighting . . . there are no limits! You can use any materials, but painter’s tape must be one of them. The tape can be a tool for making designs, but it could also be the material the project is made out of. I had a friend in college who knit an entire pillow out of masking tape, and it was awesome!
  • Details: What do you need to turn in? 2–3 styled shots of the finished project, 3–4 process shots and a short description of the project (how you came up with it, why you like it, etc.). Great photos will go a long way with your fellow voters, so here are a few tips: Shoot from a straight-on perspective (no extreme angles), try to shoot the project during the day with plenty of diffused natural light and make sure the shots are in focus!
  • Due Date: All entries must be received by 7pm EST on Sunday, July 29th. (I wanted to make sure that everyone has time to dive into this project and make something they love!)
  • How to Enter: Send your email to SUBMISSIONS AT DESIGNSPONGE DOT COM with the subject line “Painters Tape DIY Contest Submission”
  • What to Include in Your Email: Your full name, phone number and email address (this will only be used to contact you in the event that you are a finalist and for no other purpose). In addition to your contact information, you need to include the images as individual JPEG attachments (or in a zip file), and the text, which can be in the body of the email or in a text doc. Images need to be at least 500 pixels wide. Again, please attach files, do not embed them in the email body.
  • What You Win: We will be awarding three cash prizes this year: $500 to 1st place and $250 each to 2nd and 3rd place. Once the winners are selected, we will confirm your address and send you a check in the mail.

Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and we’ll answer them as we go. If you need some inspiration before you start, some of our favorite past projects using painter’s tape are below, and here are a few cool ideas from around the web. Good luck!!

*please note: we have added some guidelines due to submitter questions, which you can see in the comments below*

Kara’s Painted Glass Tabletop (in case you can’t tell, this lovely project inspired the contest logo!)

Dip-Dye Tables

Scrap Wood Phone Stand

Before & After Basics: Tape Designs

Elizabeth’s Mountain Mural Headboard

Garden Pot Pick-Me-Up

A huge thank you again to ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for sponsoring this contest. I can’t wait to see the creative projects you all come up with!

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape is bringing awareness to the ways in which artists, interior and fashion designers, stylists, DIYers and creators are using ScotchBlue tape in unique ways. Recognize and reward creative people and creative projects at ScotchBlue brand’s Facebook page.

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  • Oh dear. I live in Sri Lanka. Now I’ve got to stalk the web to find out what we call it here in SL. Is it the same as masking tape? That’s what we have remaining after we built the house. Rolls of it.

  • According to Wikipedia, painter’s tape is a type of masking tape. So can we use the off white version masking tape?

  • I have a question: is painter’s tape exclusively blue?? Can I use regular Scotch Masking tape also??

  • Hi there! Just wondering if we are allowed to enter more than once with a different project? Thanks! :)

  • Hey All!

    In response to your questions, we know that blue painter’s tape is not available in all countries, and so we welcome entries using any type of masking type tape in addition to blue tape.

    We also accept international entries, and if you would like to submit more than one project you are welcome to do so, but you need to submit full photos and process information for each entry.

    Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with :)

  • Yay! How exciting! I’ve done some many projects using masking tape, unfortunately I didn’t think to take any photos of the “during” part. Oh well, I’ll just have to come up with another project! Also it feels good to see a pic of my Dip-dye tray table up here again :D

  • This is very exciting!! One Question, Can the tape be painted or can the tape be used as guidlines ( as per the dresser example) etc? or does it have to stay blue?

  • Hi Evita,

    Sadly no, we can’t accept submissions that have been on the site already. However, you can recreate and modify the project in some way and submit it (i.e. change the patterns, colors, scale, etc.).

  • Hi kate,
    looking forward to this contest. Its exciting to know this contest is open for all countries. Thanks for this opportunity :).

  • Too bad I heard about the contest after I finished my project – no before or progress photos available. Would you still like to see my “after” photo? (it doesn’t have anything to do with pottery.)

  • Hi Kate,
    A couple of questions on the Painter’s Tape contest.
    1. Water marking photos. I generally watermark my photos. Does it make a difference for this contest?
    2. I have my finished project and haven’t posted it yet. Should the submission be an unpublished idea? Or can I create a blog post about it?
    3. What is the timeline for reviewing submissions and awarding the prizes?
    Thanks for running this contest and pulling it altogether. I too am excited to see the results.

    • Hi Marji,

      Thanks for the questions! Here’s the info:
      1. Please do not watermark the photos. We will provide the proper credit if we publish your photos on the site.
      2. We do allow projects that have published on your own personal site, but we prefer to receive unpublished submissions. If we don’t end up publishing your project as a finalist, you are definitely welcome to publish it on your site.
      3. We will be reviewing the submissions after the deadline on Sunday. We will be posting the finalists within 1-2 weeks, and announce the winners in mid-August.

      Let me know if you need any clarification on these answers. Thanks again for asking, and good luck!

  • Hi, Kate! I was wondering if you will be accepting photo collages for the process shots. Could I show in one picture four steps of the process? Sorry for the last minute question! Thanks!