nosegay sheets

I’m still blinking and wiping the sleep from my eyes, but I wanted to share this bedding that’s been on my mind since last night. How fun is this Nosegay sheet set? My inner child is constantly begging me to give in to floral sheets (my inner child is incredibly girly), so if I manage to NOT order these by the end of the week, it will be a major triumph for my willpower. If yours has already left the building, click here to check them out and order online ($48+). xo, grace

Grace Bonney


are they worth the price? they seem like a lot to me and i’m torn. if they’re soft and nice maybe it’s worth going a little crazy ;)



They are actually very soft and have a nice, heavy, almost vintage-feeling texture. But what was really awesome to me is how well they hold their shape and color after being washed a lot. They still look brand new after a couple of months of lots of washing. I think they’re wonderful!


I do love these! They are fun and not too girly of a floral, which is always nice for a married gal. Thanks for sharing!


They just went on sale! 25% off started today on bedding…smh!

Diana Louise

I love these sheets. Just bought ‘em. What do you all think the best match is for a duvet?