new: heath store in SF

by Grace Bonney

I’m a bona fide Heath Ceramics addict. I’m slowly building a tableware collection that’s almost exclusively Heath-made, and I’ve never felt better about an investment. Their dinnerware is so well made, solid and timeless that it’s impossible not to make even the humblest of meals (like my morning fruit and yogurt) seem more beautiful. I’ve always taken the ferry from San Francisco to Marin to buy “seconds” ceramics from Heath’s Sausalito location, so I was thrilled to hear that they now have a new showroom, retail and gallery space right in the middle of the city in SF! The new space will have all of Heath’s dinnerware and tiles, as well as a factory space and plenty of room to highlight local food items and host events. I happened to drive past the space with my friends the other week, and it looks incredible. These photos are a little peek inside the space, so if you’re in town this summer, be sure to swing by. Next weekend, their very first gallery show — Akio Nukaga: Very New Work — will open so it’s definitely worth a visit. Congrats to everyone at Heath on the new location (2900 18th Street (at Florida Street), San Francisco)! xo, grace

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