new from hammocks & high tea

I always love seeing what Karen from Hammocks & High Tea is working on each season. She just sent over a little preview of her new collection, and the colors are so vivid and happy that they’re hard not to post ahead of time. The collection won’t launch for retail until September 15th, but anyone interested in pre-ordering can email Karen right here. Those pinks and greens are so cheerful — I want to fill a huge sun porch with them. First I need to track down the sun porch . . . Click here to check out Karen’s current collection and shop online. xo, grace


So pretty and love those colors. Can’t get enough coral.
Love Karen, love her work. Delighted to see a preview here! : )


I love these cushions, they can add so much vibrance to a room! My favourite is the limey green/yellow one, not so much because of the colour, but because of the print; it’s amazing!


Gorgeous! Karen is super-talented (and an awesome gal, to boot!) Thanks for sharing a sneak peek at her beautiful designs!


Good luck if your can get your order. They take your money quickly but not so quick on your order.

Grace Bonney


can you give more specifics? i take comments like this seriously- were you promised a delivery time you didn’t receive?