more from ben fiess

by Grace Bonney

I’m officially obsessed (obsessed!) with these amazing ceramic vessels from Ben Fiess. I wrote about them when they first popped up at Leif and was so happy when Ben agreed to be interviewed for our Toolbox column. His fantastic interview is coming up at 12 today, so it seemed only fitting to post two of the new styles that showed up at Leif this week. I took the plunge and ordered the pink one (naturally), and I’m so looking forward to having this beautiful piece in my home. Ben is an amazing artist and ceramicist, and I can’t wait to hear everything he has to say about his toolbox, studio and inspirations later today. Click here to check out these pieces online and shop ($85+). xo, grace

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  • Gorgeous vessels, lovely color combinations. When you first posted these, I
    ended up buying one, and it was wonderfully hard to decide on a color. Wanted them all. Mine is used to store tiny replacement lightbulbs for my salt lamps. I love the subtle color, and the contrasting rubberband. Looking forward to reading more about Ben’s background and new work. Thanks. xo

  • these are simply gorgeous… but to be way too practical, what happens when the rubber bands dry up as they are wont to do?