miya ando

Sometimes I read an artist’s bio, and I’m immediately interested in his or her work and the story behind it. Miya Ando is a self-described “half Japanese, half Russian artist who was raised by Japanese sword smiths turned priests in a Buddhist Temple in Japan.” I can only imagine all of the beautiful things Miya saw growing up, so to witness that shine through in her work (as incredibly serene minimalism) is wonderful.

Miya works primarily with metals and the way light touches them, but she recently devised a process of permanently hand-dyeing anodized aluminum plate paintings and sculptures. The resulting pieces are stunning. The cube sculpture above is my favorite, but I love how Miya works with subtle color gradations in the pieces above and (lower) below. You can view more of her incredible work on her website or in person at California’s Madison Gallery (starting July 14th) and New York’s Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Thanks to Miya for sending this over! xo, grace

Psyche Castillon

Wow! If I did not read the text you wrote I would not have known they are metals. I initially thought they were photographs. Brilliant works!

Canvas Art Guy

That first piece is absolutely beautiful! love her clean and simple style, her paintings almost look digital, very unique.