living in: thelma & louise


A classic summer flick if there ever was one, Thelma & Louise harkens back to a simpler time when women could roam the wild west with nothing but a Thunderbird, an atlas and a loaded handgun. Joke! But in all seriousness, the pair of firestarters launched a thousand road trips, and their tough but feminine style is all I’m after this summer. — Amy Merrick

1. Tom Ford Sunglasses, $390; 2. Revlon “Ravish Me Red”, $2; 3. Color Process Scarf, $44; 4. 1966 Ford Thunderbird, $11,000; 5. Pointer Keds, $50; 6. Tassel Keychain, $28; 7. Pendleton Camp Blanket, $188; 8. MagLite, $26; 9. Radio iPhone Case, $11; 10. SX-70 Polaroid Camera, $99

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Nouveau Americana is where it’s at right now, and we’re pushing the boundaries of good taste even further than we can throw a Budweiser bottle. Roadstop restaurant accessories, turquoise jewelry, a fancy girl version of the Canadian tuxedo — we’ll stop at nothing to achieve western worthiness. When you’re all gussied up, grab your best gal pal and drive off into the sunset.

1. Western Union Telegram, $10; 2. Obey Tank, $71; 3. BKE Cross Necklace, $8; 4. Restaurant Caddy, $49; 5. Crosley Payphone, $89; 6. Sara Lee Cherry Pie; 7. Cobalt Band Mug, $13; 8. Guess Turquoise Ring, $28; 9. Coca Cola, $7/6; 10. Arizona Highway Patrol Badge, $14


So spot on! The only thing missing is a shirtless Brad in his cowboy hat…

April Van Buren

Best friends, badass women, and those sunglasses. What more could you ask for?

Kathryn Cain

love this and I can relate….been thier in the sleevless denim and the glasses in a red convertible….memories….

Miss Pete

This must be my favorite “Living In” feature yet!

Victoria Elizabeth

My best friend and I were fourteen when Thelma and Louise came out… We loved and related to the characters so much we actually managed to have a completely serious fight over who was Thelma, and who was Louise.

When we were twenty-two, we packed up her car and literally drove off into the sunset with no specific endpoint… We ended up in Texas, rented an apartment, and hoped Brad Pitt would show up.

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

Great stories above, lol….

I do love this film – though the ending was very hard for me to absorb. But these girls had great style, there’s no 2 ways about it! I sometimes wish I drove a convertible just so I could indulge in my desire to wear a scarf like that more often~



My sister and I do an annual viewing with popcorn and ice cream. This was a huge film for women; pretty historical now & the acting is still superb on all accounts.

Kat from Jersey

Just brilliant! This movie made me want to drive the old Rt. 66 in a convertible with my best friend. And if a young Brad Pitt was hitchhiking by the side of the road (before he started looking like he need a hot shower with lots of soap all the time), all the better!


Love Geena Davis, and she was so cute in this film! Like scarf, red lipstick and of course the car! I love the film in spite of it also starring Susan Sarandon, who really gets on my nerves for some reason.


God, the 80s produced some kick-ass box office hits about female empowerment. Thema and Louise and The Accused. This is a great trip down memory lane post, but also kind of ironic to be objectifying the dress and accessories of a film, the core of which is about rape and objectification.


suuuper livin in post – red lipstick, the scarf, denim, but … where’s Brad?