living in: moonstruck


is the one movie we can all agree on. It’s a double whammy of entertainment, working both the romantic comedy angle and the violent Nicolas Cage angle. When both angles collide? A real crowd pleaser. The love story of a widowed accountant and a maimed baker wouldn’t seem terribly compelling, but when woven with a heavy dose of classic Brooklyn style, we’re struck, too. — Amy Merrick

1. Vintage Ariane Poster, $595; 2. Bormioli Bottle, $16; 3. Vintage Birdcage, $250/estimate; 4. Wooden Hand, $28; 5. Linen Half Apron, $27; 6. Lyre Back Chair, 7. Almond Toe Pump, $32; 8. Charm Bracelet, $197; 9. Rib Eye Steak, $16/2; 10. Golden Pothos, $6

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Ronny Cammareri (also known as sweaty Nick Cage in a wife beater) has good taste, and not just in prospective lady friends. His apartment above his family’s Italian bakery is top notch for a working-class brute — opera on vinyl, vintage prints, pressed-tin tile, straightforward furniture and houseplants.

1. Types of Italian Bread, $21; 2. Floral Coverlet, $325; 3. Coliseum Etching, $25; 4. CK Knee Boots, $143; 5. New York Coffee Cup, $15; 6. Stained Glass Lamp, $99; 7. Opera Glasses, $22; 8. White Undershirts, $9; 9. Engagement Ring, $799; 10. Subway Token Cufflinks, $103


I type “Moonstruck” into Netflix every week…

Excellent choice!

{I recommend another of Cher’s movies, “Tea With Mussolini”. It has wonderful style and art…}


GORGEOUS. Now we need 3 more things: the recipe for that beautiful breakfast in the last scene with toast and the red pepper and egg, tile from that beautiful Brooklyn kitchen, and champagne glasses w/ a cube of sugar;)


Yessssssssssss!! This is one of the best Living In posts ever. I don’t think much of Cher the singer, but Cher the actress is freakin amazing!

Christy Farouche

How funny, I just watched this again over the weekend! Olympia Dukakis is awesome as Cher’s mother, and how could you not love the Grandfather with all of his dogs!

Tina in Boston

My all-time favorite! I can recite this move word for word, and still quote from it in every day life. Rose Cammareri (Olympia Dukakis – my other favorite) has some of the best lines. One that is always relevant: Don’t Sh** where you eat!

Including Mona’s bracelet is hilarious.


One of the greatest romantic comedies ever! Thank you for covering and I love that you highlighted the different types of italian bread.


Oh, one of my all time favorite films!!! Thx :D
You did an amazing job in finding that opera poster!

Maria S.

Having lived in Brooklyn – where most of the exteriors for this film were shot – I feel that at certain point in time I was truly Living In Moonstruck – especially because I was married at the beautiful Church of the Assumption on Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights. It’s where Cher goes to confession. I live in L.A. now and wonder if crazy Father Funaro, who married me and and my husband nearly 20 years ago, is still around? Now there was a character out of Moonstruck!

Laura @ Found Beauty Studio

Ah, Moontruck! I finally broke down and bought the dvd after years of secretly hoping it would be shown daily on cable. As a child my only knowledge of Cher was her mostly naked in the “If I could Turn Back Time” video that I saw on Mtv. And then I saw Mask and Moonstruck in the same weekend and fell hard for her as an actress, and that stunning burgundy colored lipstick she wore to the Met. Now I’m terribly disappointed every time I call out “Snap out of it!” and no one knows what I mean. Sigh. And that kantha quilt is a divine choice, btw :)


First Only You and now Moonstruck–two of my all time favorite movies. D*s is on a roll this month. Keep the Italian romantic comedies coming! I love the line where Cher says, “Oh Ma, I love him awful,” and Olympia Dukakis says “That’s too bad.” ;)


The breakfast in the final moments is called “Eggs in a Nest”. My dad used to make the anglo version (“Egg in a hole” – hold the peppers) when I was a kid. You can find recipes online and then make it your own.

I’ve always loved this movie. Every time I watch it I find myself saying, “They don’t make movies like this anymore.” Made me want to see New York. And I always wanted a copy of that vintage 1978 La Boheme poster in Ronny’s apartment.


The list are excellent + it’s my one rainy-day, bored-day, any-day goto movie.


The best. One of my fave movies ever. This is so funny, because the aesthetic of this movie, and certainly the scene here, is the reason I adore it. The other scene I love is when they are all in her mom’s kitchen. These images are embedded in my mind and I harken back to them a lot, particularly when thinking about my kitchen. Food is amore! Thank you for this!


Ahhh! My husband is startled by my excitement over this. “Chrissy bring me the big knife!!” I LOVE this movie :)

kelly jonsson

Nic Cage at his cutest :) Total chemistry onscreen with Cher! One of my all-time favorite movies … * deep sigh *


I was around twelve when i saw it in the cinema by default. The more childish movie we planned to see had sold out so Mum suggested this instead.
I remember her remarking on the family-kitchen how big and charming it was. I really enjoyed the characters and it’s settings. When the father drops the sugarlumps in the champagne glasses, it looked like something i would like to taste someday. I still haven’t.


I’m so happy that you finally got to Moonstruck!! I love the production design of this movie, and of course I love me some Nicholas Cage being all floury and rough and awesome with Cher. So good. I am also halfway to having that giant a pack of dogs to walk at night.


One of the greatest romantic comedies of ALL TIME!!! LOVE!

JOHNNY: In time you will see that this is the best thing.
LORETTA: In time you’ll drop dead and I’ll come to your funeral in a red dress!


He has his hand. He has his bride. Where’s my hand? Where’s my bride? ….favorite movie to quote!!! Perhaps just favorite movie.


Note how all relevant characters end up in the kitchen at the end for the “big reveal.” The asides, the duets, the farcical door slamming – it mirrors the finales of great Italian operas. Swoon!


I love this movie.
“I ain’t no monument to justice!”

“Do you love him, Loretta?”
“Ma, I love him somethin’ awful.”


Bravo! Bellissimo!! So thrilled you featured Moonstruck…now, if only I could afford to buy the Moonstruck house in Brooklyn Heights, I’d know how to decorate it!


Bravo! Bellissimo!! I’m thrilled you featured Moonstruck…Now, if only I could afford to buy the Moonstruck house in Brooklyn Heights, I’d know how to decorate it!

Sharika Joseph

Moonstruck is permanently on my DVR so I can watch it at will!!! This is a great post!!


One of my all-time faves. So glad you posted this. It has excellent style. Nicholas Cage never should have fixed his teeth.


I love Olympia Dukakis! “You’ve got a love bite on your neck. What are you doing?! Your lifes goin down the toilet!” Great movie! I always feel the need to watch it when there is a full moon :)

Melissa Kojima

Wow! I didn’t now Moonstruck had a cult following. Heeheheehee! I love this movie too and think Nick Cage looks damn sexy in it. So young and full of fire!


So great!

Ooo how I’d so love to see the same thing done with the Woodhouse apartment in Rosemary’s Baby. Every time I see the film I love the decorating of the apartment, not to mention her wardrobe!


Just found the Living In Rosemary’s Baby ! Love it!! TY Design*Sponge

Dayna @KaleidoscopeBrain

I freaking LOVE this movie! And so many people don’t get it! AH! Thank you for this post!

(Also, my parents totally saw this movie on their first date, many moons ago… How sweet is that!?)


This movie rang so true. Being part of a large italian family , grandparents right from Calabria, my grandmother used to say “The man has to LOVE you,- you have to LIKE him!
Just what was said between Loretta and her mother when she said, “I love him awful”, and her mother said, “that’s too bad.” When you love them they drive you crazy, because they can.


Best performance by Nicholas Cage. Great casting! Love Cher in this movie – love the scene when she is trying on her new lipstick… Norman Jewison! Brilliant!!


Love love love this movie! I have pined for the kitchen for 25 years. and the scenes around the kitchen and dining room are the best ever. Now that I’m closer to Rose’s age than Loretta’s, I appreciate the “romance for old people” aspect too lol. So many great lines and exchanges but my favorite is Rose to her father-in-law: “Old man, you give those dogs another piece of my food and I’m gonna kick you ’til you’re dead! “

Jennifer Carroll

Fabulous! I love this movie soooo much and watch it often! So many great lines and food :-) I love the decor – thanks for highlighting it! Lots of research on your end I’m sure – thanks for making the effort!!


Still have Moonstruck on VHS- love this movie. Cher is such a knock-out, better than after she had all that “work” done. Thanks!


Amy, you had me with the “romantic comedy angle and violent Nicolas Cage angle…”
:) Thank you for featuring one of my all-time faves!

Kat from Jersey

I *just* watched this over the weekend, and it made me: want to eat Italian food and learn to speak Italian; miss the Twin Towers (featured prominently in quite a few shots), watch everything Olympia Dukakis has been in, and drink champagne with a sugar cube! I think my favorite character is the Old Man, “I’m confused”! One of my all time favorite movies.


Im from Finland, in neighborhood of Sweden, and I have never seen as romantic film as Moonstruck. Its like chocolate for soul; creamy, beautiful and tasty. People are more than interesting; they are characters of a beautiful fairy tale. Actors gave their best performance ever and they were at the same time “real”.I loved the character of an old man, who brought out the idea of ” Cosmos moon”, a fanny old man. And his very down to earth- wife, who told everyone who was coming to the kitchen in the end of the film;”..Johnny Cammareri”.. with the funny voice. And of course the whole romantic adventure of Cher and Nicholas. All around the movie I could feel cosy and warm atmosphere.


I love the champagne flutes. Does anyone know the pattern? I would love to find wine glasses in that same delicate look.


Greatest movie of all time. I watch it periodically as well, it gives me HOPE! It resolves my lovesickness for all things Italian. It is my feel-good movie. A la famiglia!!

Angela KUfman

I love the grandfather and the 5 dogs. But I don’t know any italian American family that would allow 1 dog in their house, no less 5! My grandparents always had dogs but they were outside dogs and were never allowed in the house. They lived in a dog house outside!!!