kismet tile wallpapers

I’m a big fan of Tracey from Kismet Tile’s work, so I was excited to hear that she’d expanded into wallpaper. Tracey just released a new collection of digitally printed (and customizable) wallpaper inspired by her tile work. I love all the metallic effects — they’re the kinds of patterns that make a major statement in a large room but (for me) are perfect for smaller rooms where the walls can do all the talking. You can order samples for $10 or custom-colored samples for $25, or click here to view the full collection and email Tracey about an order online. Congrats to Tracey on the new collection! xo, grace

All photos by Laure Joliet


Does anyone here know how hard it is to become a wallpaper designer? I’m torn between life doing that and designing fabric prints. Oh yes, and designing patterns for knitters. I want to do that too. Just asking…even though I do like what kismet tile has done here. I just want to recreate what my grandma had on on her stairway wall while I was growing up.


Love these patterns but always scared of the pasted wallpaper commitment. Recently re-did my home office and came across a new temporary wallpaper site (trying the DIY thing) They have some awesome patterns and they match them to paint.

Ima Arse

I like the bottom one, and if I used it, my brother epileptic friend that is an ass might go into seizures … which is a bonus.