inspiration notepad

Sometimes I have moments where I pinch myself about getting to work with some of the most awesome girls on earth every day. Kate, our DIY queen, always knows where to find the coolest everything and today she nailed it again with these awesome notepads. Kate and I share a love of everyday objects that have been reimagined in a more creative way, and these little books are a perfect example. Each notepad takes your standard blue lined sheets and instead uses the lines to create patterns, waves or sun rays that, for me, would inspire all different types of writing. I know some people need the rigidity of a grid system, but if you’re just keeping a notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas, this would be an inspiring way to do it. Click here to check them out and order online. There are also links to a few shops (including The Curiosity Shoppe) where you can buy them in person. xo, grace

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That would make for an interesting letter. Very cool indeed.


trying and trying to order any of these great notebooks, but alas, can only find in Europe sites……..the links only take me to a shops that I cannot see to link to ORDER…I need to mail order, as I cannot get to Northern California

Melissa Kojima

OMG! Grace & Kate, I’m with both of you on this notebook and everyday items re-imagined in inventive ways! I’m not sure I’d write in it, but I’d definitely doodle! I’d color and scribble and maybe invent some new typography! Wonderful. I’ll check out the link!

Susan Mills

Lauren – I went to the link and ordered through Paypal. They convert from euros to dollars for you. The designer is in Brussels. I received an email from him this morning saying he had received my order and payment and my notebook was on its way!

Suzanne aberly

What is the price of the painted shoulder bags In dollars and where, on the site, is the order form…or have I not had enough coffee to figure this out???